Why Do I Take Pics?

I am frequently asked why I take so many pictures … of everything!  I always respond “cause I like to”.

But when push comes to shove, I don’t only take pics cause I like to, I do it because they capture life moments of the things and people that I love.

These are the main reasons I take pictures of pretty much everything:

1. To Hold On To Memories

Moments are fleeting aren’t they?   Time passes quickly, I can’t believe that my babies are now grown up, young women … I’m glad I took so many pics of them so that I can look back on and relive those memories (our memories are known to fade over time).   Taking pictures helps me to hang on to those memories just a wee bit longer. Each of my kids have scrapbooks filled with memories of their loved ones, lives, birthdays, vacations … the BIG moments. I can pass the scrapbooks filled with their photos along to them so that they look at them and relive their memories and to share them one day with their children.

With the advent of FaceBook and Instagram … I now post pics digitally, so I no longer “scrapbook” per se, I found a website that links to Facebook and/or Insta to create a portrait of my life and milestones.  I do it per year, so that I can look back at the year in its entirety. I tend to forget how much I really do and the great things I’ve accomplished no matter how little throughout a year, the printed day by day book helps me to relieve these memories and how much I have to be grateful for.

My Social Book Link:  https://www.mysocialbook.com

2. To See The Beauty In Everyday Things

Beauty really is everywhere and really is in the eye of the beholder.  Once I started noticing details, I started to see how much beauty is in everything around me, and sometimes in the most ordinary places. I see things much differently now, I’m more appreciative.

3. Express Myself

I love being able to express myself through the camera and use it as an extension of myself to tell stories. The good thing with modern technology is that it’s so easy nowadays, no more having to carry a clunky camera with you (unless you want to of course!) .  You can take photos of everything from your lunch to changing seasons, vacations, family and friends in an instant. These are the images that tell my story, my pics have changed and evolved as I have changed and evolved.  Photographs can show more than just how something looked. They can capture how something felt.

14369923_10154368123655168_2404424584055590009_n📷: Kodak Tourist Camera, a recent find at a local vintage store

 4.They Are The Best Souvenirs

Photographs are the best souvenir from my travels. They are personal to me and each one has a story behind it. I’m not a fan of clutter, I believe everything has a place … so trinkets aren’t my thing … they inevitably break, or clutter up your home. My professionally printed albums line up nicely on my bookshelf ready to enjoy whenever I want to.

5. I Really Do Enjoy It

Photography is honestly uber enjoyable to me.  Shooting the pics is a blast, I get to capture a moment, an event, the smile on someone’s face.  I like the aspect of taking a day to drive around – to somewhere I haven’t been to see what I can shoot – it’s FUN!  Sorting and editing images is an essential part of the process and I get a sense of accomplishment once I’ve completed it and it looks great!

With all the beauty, joy, love, variety, history, adventure, emotion, and awesomeness out there in the world, get out there with your camera/phone and experience it!  You don’t have to be a professional photographer to be a photographer!


~ “Photography is a love affair with life.” – Burke Uzzel

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Take Pics?

  1. Summer Wind

    I can relate! I, too, love photo’s for the exact similar reasons. They capture a moment in time, frozen for all to see! As we get older and look back, sometimes our memories may dwindle! The excitement, colours, energy and feelings associated to past events are relived in a photo, so nothing has to fade.

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