Messages from Beyond: How My Dad Connects With Me

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Do you believe in the after life?

Do you believe that your loved ones have a way of communicating with you after they’ve crossed?

Has One of These Ever Happened to You?

  • Have you ever come across a random dime in the oddest of places?
  • Has a song ever come on the radio at the exact moment that you were thinking of that loved one?
  • Have you smelt your loved one’s fragrance?
  • Have they ever visited you in a dream?

Those and more, are signs that Spirit is trying to communicate with you from the other side.

The afterlife is the concept of a world, or the world itself (whether physical or transcendental), in which an essential part of an individual’s identity or consciousness continues to exist after the death of the body.

I’ve never been really sure how I felt about the afterlife and of Spirit visiting after they’d passed but this all changed after I suddenly loss my dad in November of 2014. He was 60 years old, had just retired and had spent the morning at home doing some puttering around, ate lunch and died of cardiac arrhythmia on his kitchen floor all before approx 11:45 AM.  That is literally how your life can change on a dime!

Bottom:  Dad, Uncle Ralph.  Middle:  Uncle Kenny.  Top:  Uncle Serge

Losing a loved one is never easy.  Until my dad passed I had been pretty fortunate that I had never lost anyone that close to me before (I’d lost a few friends, grand parents and my daughter’s Godfather) but no one whose loss would crush and devastate me.  Losing a loved one is hard.  Losing them without warning harder.  Actually, in all honesty, I don’t know if it’s better or worse to lose someone with notice (i.e. being ill and watching them deteriorate) or losing them in one fell swoop.  This I can tell you for sure, if they pass suddenly – you don’t have any final words.  No final I love You’s,  no final good byes, no final it’s going to be ok’s.  They’re just gone.

I tried so hard after dad died to understand what happened.  How a seemingly fit, active man for his age, passed all of a sudden.  I felt guilt over not taking his last call to me.  And, I had so many questions:  Why didn’t you go to the doctor more often?  Were you in pain?  Did you cross quickly?  Are you ok?  And most of all – Where are you?  Why can’t I feel you near me?  

Callous hands told the story
For this small town Southern Northern man
He gave it all to keep it all together
And keep his family on his land
Like his daddy, years wore out his body
Made it hard just to walk and stand
You can break the back
But you can’t break the spirit
Of a small town Southern Northern man

He was always proud of what he had
He said his greatest contribution
Is the ones you leave behind
Raised on the ways and gentle kindness
Of a small town Southern Northern man

Finally death came callin’
For this small town Southern Northern man
He said it’s alright ’cause I see angels
And they got me by the hand
Don’t you cry, and don’t you worry
I’m blessed, and I know I am
‘Cause God has a place in Heaven
For a small town Southern Northern man

~ Alan Jackson  – Small Town Southern Man

TLC’s The Long Island Medium was coming to my hometown in the Winter of ’15, just 3 months after my dad had passed.   I decided to go with a few ladies from high school.  I knew it was a long shot, there was no way that Theresa Caputo was going to sense my father’s presence in a crowd of 7,000+. Even if hearing from my dad wasn’t a real possibility, I thought I could still benefit from seeing her live and in person.  I was right.  Firstly, more than just watching her show on TV, I saw in real time, in real life how she was connecting people to Spirit.  The stories I heard were mind blowing and these people received such peace in hearing from their loved ones.  I now had even more faith in the afterlife and in connecting with those who have crossed over.  The other thing I learned from Theresa is that Spirit is always giving you signs that they are around you, you just need to pay attention.

So I did, I started being more mindful and I started feeling his presence from time to time, just saying “Hi, I’m here”.  Through dreams, feeling sensations or simply hearing a meaningful song on the radio, your deceased loved ones attempt to connect with you after their passing.  

For me, I started finding random dimes everywhere.  Not nickels, pennies or quarters.  Dimes – ONLY dimes!  It became a regular occurrence. When I would go to get in my SUV, I would frequently look down to find a dime on the ground at my feet (either inside or outside).  I would be cutting the grass and find a dime on the lawn! I found a random dime at a hardware store on a shelf.  I would be standing at a store checkout and look down to find a dime lying there. Of course you would expect to find change on the floor in a grocery store checkout line, but it was never a quarter, nickel, or penny. It was always a dime!  It got to the point where I just expected them to show up wherever I went. I was actually disappointed when I would go for a day or two without finding one.  I would pick them up and pocket them and go on.  Then, I started to think it was not just a coincidence.   I finally decided to look on the internet to see if there was any answer to the question, “Why do I keep finding dimes?” I found dozens of stories of people that have shared my experience. Dimes are left as a means of communication, telling you that you are being watched over. Someone from beyond is letting you know that you are not alone and everything is going to be alright.  It’s called “Dimes from Heaven”. So that’s one way that dad is communicating with me.  I have pictures of each dime I’ve found over the last year in random spots.  Below are a few.

The other way I noticed dad communicating with me was through music.  Musical signs can come in the form of a meaningful song being played in your head or a song being played on the radio at an opportune time that is very meaningful to you or their song Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 1.36.00 PMcoming on.  The very first instance I recognized that dad was trying to communicate with me was about 3 weeks after his funeral.  I was at home and I was cleaning up.  The flowers from his service had wilted and dried and yet I felt a bit guilty having to throw them out.  I took the dove and the embossed sign written with “DAD” and decided I was going to add it to the Christmas tree so he could be there with us in Spirit, if not in person.  The radio was on, and I cried as I took apart the arrangement and as I walked to add the white dove and the DAD sign to the tree George Straight’s song A Father’s Love” comes on the radio ….

 ” …. Daddies don’t just love their children every now and then.
It’s a love without end, amen.” ~ George Straight

I bawled harder than I already was and knew right then and there, that was no coincidence.  Dad was telling me it he was there and it was going to be ok.

I thought about seeing a Medium, but unless they were personally referred to me I was skeptical (not of mediumship but rather of their skillset) and didn’t want to waste my money.  All the while I continued to watch shows on psychic mediums and the paranormal.  I found it interesting even before my dad passed.  Back in the day I loved John Edward – he had a show called Crossing Over with John Edward and Sylvia Browne after seeing her on The Montel Williams Show years ago and the newest one Tyler Henry, his TV show Hollywood Medium is terrific!  One of my personal favourites is Carmel Baird, she’s a Canadian Psychic Medium who has a show on CMT called Mom’s a Medium.  I followed Carmel’s website and had enrolled for regular updates, but, didn’t pursue it any further (to be honest I couldn’t afford her rate and she has an insanely long waiting list).


Now, I’ve always been an believer in fate and serendipity and that things happen for a reason, even if they aren’t immediately clear.  I woke up in March of 2016.  I decided to take a bath before getting my day started and while in the tub decided to go through my emails to clear a bunch out. There was an email from Carmel re: “Sunday with Spirit”.  That day was a Sunday and that day FELT like the right day (I can’t explain it, it just did).  So I clicked the enrol link to see if there were any spots available, there was!  I was in.  It started in an hour, so I rushed to set up my laptop to joint the webinar.

Prior to logging in I sat there with my youngest daughter and talked to dad – I told him that I needed to hear from him today, that it had been too long and I wanted to hear from him and get answers and know that he is ok.  My dad is also a kind of impatient man, lol, he doesn’t do lineups, crowds or traffic.  He’s also the kind of person who doesn’t like the limelight, he prefers to be in the background rather the forefront so I told him that I knew it would be a stretch for him to come through but that I really needed to hear from him today and to please do everything that he could to come through for us.  Then we logged in.

I love Carmel, I love her personality, her demeanour, the way she connects with people and her family is a bit quirky – much like mine.  When she first came on, she introduced herself, how she operated with connecting and talked about the different types of things she could assist you with – it wasn’t just to connect with people who have crossed over.  She could give you guidance on relationships, your health, your career.  I, of course, like most others wanted to connect with someone on the other side.

Everyone enrolled in the webinar’s name was put into a large wooden bowl where she or her assistant selected the name of the lucky ones!  The first reading was interesting, we all got to listen to it and watch Carmel speak with this lovely lady.  If you’ve never been on a webinar before, everyone can see the host but you can only hear the other person and active comments run down the side or bottom of the webinar so others can engage.  It was time for the second reading.  They stirred up the names in the bowl and Carmel had her assistant pull the next name … it was MINE!  I almost lost my mind!  He did it!  Dad came though!  I would get to speak with him, finally!

She connected through to me and unmated my mic and we got started.  She prefaces the call by asking me not to give her details, just to validate facts as they are presented to her.

My Sunday With Spirit Connection with Dad

She says that there is a male Spirit who comes through immediately who has crossed who wants to wants to make a connection.

He says that he was too young to pass and asks if I agree with that, I say yes.  She asks if dad passed quickly or suddenly.  I answer suddenly.  He tells her that even though he passed quickly or suddenly that it had something to do with his health.   I answer yes.  He says to tell me to stop being mad at him for not going to the doctor more often.  He says that there are people mad at him because he didn’t go and get proper health check ups and that he should have gone to the doctor more often.  This is 1000% accurate, I have often wondered this and talked to family members about this.

She asks if he worked with his hands, because he was showing her his hands and they were dirty, he says “I work with these” .  Factual, dad was a mechanic/millwright in a pulp and paper mill.

She asks if he wore a hat all of the time – absolutely, he was seldom without a ball cap on his noggin’ (see feature photo). He says you’ll know it’s me because I have my hat on in Heaven”.  He acknowledges that I have a jacket and a shirt of his that I wear.  I do have two of his jackets, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt of his.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 1.56.49 PM
Photo:  Me wearing one of dad’s jackets

She asks if dad really liked hockey – the obvious answer is resounding yes, my dad loved hockey!  He was a loyal Leafs fan and loved his local Temisacaming Titans team.  He even billeted a few players.  He tells her that he’s watching hockey all day long in Heaven.  I ask if the Leafs win the Cup in his World – she laughs and says yes (well at least they win in some world lol).

She asks if someone has a tattoo for him – I say it’s me, on my arm. He says for her to tell me “I see the memorial tattoo and this makes me really happy”  He wants you to know that, she says.

I will not miss anything,  I will be at all of these events”.  

She asks whose birthday is in the month of May.  I answer “my brother’s”.  She says that dad is saying “happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday” and he asks her to draw balloons for him – she does and shows them on screen so everyone can see them.

He also says “I speak to you through the music, do you hear me through the music, do you know that I am there”?  I of course say yes, as this has happened to me many occasions.  He says that he also sends me eagles, owls and big birds.

She asks if he drove a pick up truck (my dad always drove pick ups).  She says that dad had a really big ego and that wasn’t able to say all of the things that he needed to say while he was alive but now that he is on the other side he is able to say I love you and he’s able to say the things he had a hard time saying with while he was alive.

He says “I wasn’t in any pain, I went to the light very easily and that you don’t need to worry about me, I’m ok”.  What a relief, I’m glad to hear that, dad.

He says to tell my little brother that “I love you and I’m with you and that I’m around you all of the time”

He wants “everyone in the family to know that I am there for them”.

She asks if we have a pit bull or a bulldog (we do, Nash a Levitt Olde English Bulldogge).  He says to tell me that Nash can see him and knows when he’s around.

He ends with “I love you and I’ll always be there for you”, and with that, my 10 minutes with dad via Carmel is over.  But, I take solace in the fact that he is always around me, that he sends me messages of love and support even if he isn’t here in the physical form.  I voice noted the entire call with Carmel, and every so often when I feel I need his presence, I play it.

Just last week, a very poignant sign came from dad, keeping his word that he will not miss any events.  My eldest graduated from University – we were going back to her place after breakfast so that she could get ready.  On the radio comes THE song that my kids most associate with their Pappa – Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton.  This is not a radio song, I have never just heard it on the radio, but, as we were scanning for a tune to listen to on the way home – it came on the radio, the day of her graduation from University, a milestone of a day.  Her Pappa was telling her, I’m here Cassandra, I see you and I’m proud of you!

Photo: Yes, I actually took a picture of the radio n the car as the song was on.

When your loved ones cross-over into Spirit, they are just as eager to get your attention as you are to get theirs. Countless times, they are attempting to send you signs.  Pay attention 🙏🏻

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