My Note To You on NYE 2018 …

This post will mark the end to another year – and my first full blogging year.  I took some time to re-read some of my older posts and I see how much I’ve grown as a writer and as a blogger.  Thank you for joining me on my life journey, genealogy search, recipes I’ve posted, my worldly travels and other tid bits.  I am most certainly looking forward to another year of blogging with you and reading yours.

Even though this year has had its fair share of downs, heart ache and pain – I am still grateful for the experiences – they offer opportunities to learn and grow.  They teach you to be strong in the face of adversity and remind you of the importance of forgiveness.

I’ve also had done and had some amazing things happen throughout 2017 …

  • I traveled to Vegas twice
  • Went to Philadelphia
  • Saw Marcus Lutrell, Taya Kyle,  David Goggins and Chad Fleming’s Patriot Tour
  • Experienced Japan & visited with one of my besties and her fam (miss you Linda)
  • Saw Tony Robbins LIVE & IN PERSON – what an experience!
  • Lost 20 lbs
  • Watched my eldest baby girl graduate from University – so proud!
  • Moved back to my HOMETOWN
  • My youngest got her G2 license – and get her 1st car
  • Moved into my dream condo
  • See more of my family now that I am back home, I’ve really missed them

To name just a few …

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 12.11.39 AMFocussing on the good things that have happened is WAY more important than focussing on the negative (law of attraction people!).  It also serves as gratitude – life is more rewarding when we focus on the good things which surround us everyday.  It’s easy to forget on days like yesterday where the heat stopped working in my truck during a snow storm only a week after paying $807 to fix it, rear ending someone (I will be found at fault cause I rear ended her, even though it was her fault), but, in the grand scheme of things – they’re minute and insignificant.  Regularly practicing gratitude and writing brief reflections on moments for which we’re thankful—can significantly increase well-being and life satisfaction.

Thank you 2017 for another incredible year – even though it was far from perfect – the problems I face are still 1st world problems.  

At the end of the day, I have my health, my family is well, I have a good job, a roof over my head and food in my belly.  I have friends and family who love me.  Life.  Is. Good.

God/Universe:  Continue to bless me with the gift of a new day and I will continue to keep learning,  growing and finding my path.   I will never take the easy path, just because it’s safe – I will continue to search for the road less traveled, the ones that push me outside of my comfort zone – as I know life begins there.

I will take better care of myself mentally and physically.  I have given a lot of myself this past year – with little thought of how it impacted me – I will start taking better of myself – working out, eating clean. I will be more spiritual and heal emotionally.  I will continue to love without condition.  I will continue to do for others when they need me.  I will also (hard to admit) work on my patience – it’s the one virtue I struggle most with.  Just  keep letting me thank the man upstairs for letting me open my eyes and I will continue to keep working hard.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 12.16.56 AM

Everyone:  Wishing you and yours a most blessed New Year filled with love, joy, prosperity and happiness. 

Each year sees many suffer from both natural and man-made hardships. But with each, there were others willing to step in and attempt to relieve some of that hardship, exercising the best of the human spirit.

To dad: Bringing in another year without you is heartbreaking – I regret the memories that we will never be able to experience together – but, I cherish more than ever the ones we did.  I miss you.


T xo




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