Super Soul Sunday Thoughts🧡

I wanted to share authentically with you today for #supersoulsunday I’m often told by people “you’re so strong” , “you’ve been through so much, and have come through the other side better”, “I wish I had your strength”, “you look great for your age” (and thank you, I think I do too – for anyContinue reading “Super Soul Sunday Thoughts🧡”

On Set: Update – Murdoch Mysteries Was Shooting in my Hometown …

Originally posted on December 31, 2017 UPDATE: Sooooo,  I’m finally finished Season 11 and I was able to watch the episode that was shot down the street from me in September of 2017. I’ll explain a bit the scene I was there for.  By the point that I arrived Yannick’s scene had already been shotContinue reading “On Set: Update – Murdoch Mysteries Was Shooting in my Hometown …”

On Travel: Beautiful Vancouver, BC and Area

Good afternoon, good morning or good evening folks, wherever you’re reading this from.  I’m writing this today from beautiful British Columbia (BC) – it’s so true that they immortalize it on their license plates.   I’m out here visiting my youngest daughter and her boyfriend who moved here a few months ago to enjoy aContinue reading “On Travel: Beautiful Vancouver, BC and Area”