Super Soul Sunday Thoughts🧡

I wanted to share authentically with you today for #supersoulsunday

I’m often told by people “you’re so strong” , “you’ve been through so much, and have come through the other side better”, “I wish I had your strength”, “you look great for your age” (and thank you, I think I do too – for any age – not just my age 😉).

I’m grateful that people can see that in me and that side of me. I’ve worked hard to get to the point that what you guys see is the end result of my digging deep. Things always look “awesome” on social media – “oh look at her, she’s having the best life”, or “she’s always out with friends or doing stuff and going cool places”.

And, that all may be true – but what most people do not know are my insecurities, regrets and the choices I am intentionally making each and every day to make ME a better version of myself and create a life I want, not the one I inherited.

We all tell ourselves stories everyday, stories like  —  “I’m this way because ….  I had a tough childhood, my ex was an addict, I was cheated on …. “and the list goes on. But those are just the stories that we live in because they’re comfortable but they’re not the truth per se. Yes, those things DID happen, but they aren’t happening now! They happenED.

The truth is feelings and stories aren’t a good barometer of what’s currently going on. The question is “Who am I being about it? “ We tend to get stuck and guide their lives and decisions based on our FEELINGS and our PAST.

We’re currently living life with our view of life determined by our past. If you’re letting your feelings dictate your life, try coming at it from a different view.  It’s your view of life that gives you what’s possible, so get out there and live your best life!

You deserve it!


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