Dad, It’s Been 4 Years and I Still Miss You Soooo Much💔


Every November 18th since 2014 is a painful reminder of your absence in my life. I wish I could turn back time and live out every single day of my life as if it were a grand celebration of you. Had we only known you’d be taken from us so soon and so unexpectedly 😭.

I miss you more than you’ll ever know ol’ man and I think of you on the daily. But, I know you’re still here with us (see Messages from Beyond: How My Dad Connects with Me).  I get signs regularly that let me know you’re around.

Til we meet again dad, on Heaven’s Highest Hill 🙏🏼 

Love and Miss YOU!

T xoxo

Published by mybetterlifeca

Hello and welcome to my blog! I never really thought about starting a blog much before recently, I mean … what did I have to say or offer that would have anything of value? I’m not an expert in decorating; I just have an eye for it. I’m not “The Nanny”, but I am the mom of two lovely, beautiful, driven young women. I can speak to topics such as coming up through the lower ranks of the social financial system, being a teen mom, being an empty nester at 42, highlight some trials, tribulations and exaltations and about how I created a life for myself that I am happy with beyond measure. It wasn’t much before a friend of mine said “you should write a book” that I gave some serious consideration to blogging. My goal, really, is to provide and share some of my experiences, create dialogue and maybe help a few people out along the way. I welcome your comments, questions and ideas about what you’d like to chat about. Namaste, T xo

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