10,000 Views! Thank You!

O.M.G.  I’ve surpassed 10k views – 10,055 to be exact! THANK YOU!  This is something I never thought would have been possible!  Ever! I love that the views are growing.

I mean, who wanted to hear the rants and the stories of a woman from Kitchener Ontario Canada?  Apparently you did!

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 6.56.54 PM

This blog has been a labour of love for me, and frankly a way for me to express myself on the things that matter to me most.  Its actually been less labour and more therapeutic.  I’m so glad that I listened to my friend, Laurie back then – she thinks my life is quite the story that she thought (as have a hew others) that I should have written a book.  Instead, I opted on blogging. Maybe one day I’ll write a book (I can totally create that possibility for myself).

I launched my blog in October of 2016 and at that time, someone said to me that it wouldn’t have that much of an impact because I didn’t have a “theme”.  My blog isn’t strictly about genealogy, travel, decor etc .. but it is 100% ME and that’s my theme “ME”.  

To read more about why I started my blog – check out my Home Page and for a bit more about ME – check out the About Me Page.

You – My Followers! 

Thank you to my followers – 45 of you!  A small number in comparison to some, but 45 is a BIG, important # to me – that means that 45 of you think enough about what I write about to want to be alerted to and follow my blog posts.  That means the world to me 🙏🏻.

You – My Readers!

The ones that takes the time to read my posts. Know that  I am grateful to you for being here.  I know, I don’t have tons of traffic (YET!) and there aren’t hundreds and thousands of readers and users checking my blog every day.  To those of you who do – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank You For Your Messages

I want to thank everyone who take the time to send me messages or comment on my posts. Your messages are touching and it makes me happy to read that you find what I write helpful.

Thank you very much for supporting this small-time blogger on her journey – let’s keep this dream GROWING!


T xo

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