10 days of gratitude: day 7 – MY MISTAKES

…. we all make them, non intentional – oversights.

Today I focus on being grateful for my mistakes

Made perhaps via clouded judgment, your perspective of the world, opening your mouth when you should have thought beforehand or that stupid phone call or text.  WE ALL MAKE THEM AND GUESS WHAT YOU’LL MAKE MORE …

Making them isn’t the biggest part of the problem, it’s what we learn and take away from the mistake we made. I’ve met enough people who learned little from their own stupidity.  The truth is LEARNING from your mistakes is DAMN hard … how many of us have repeated the same “mistake” more than once?  I know I’m guilty of it as much as the next gal … I mean c’mon have you ever met anyone who enjoyed failing?

Learning from your mistakes does not happen automatically—it requires thinking and reflection.

Plus, remember you CANNOT avoid making mistakes – the world we live in today is ever changing … every mistake helps you grow, learn, understand. Be grateful for the wisdom that your mistakes enabled. Life has so many uncertainties and variables that mistakes are inevitable.

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Published by mybetterlifeca

Hello and welcome to my blog! I never really thought about starting a blog much before recently, I mean … what did I have to say or offer that would have anything of value? I’m not an expert in decorating; I just have an eye for it. I’m not “The Nanny”, but I am the mom of two lovely, beautiful, driven young women. I can speak to topics such as coming up through the lower ranks of the social financial system, being a teen mom, being an empty nester at 42, highlight some trials, tribulations and exaltations and about how I created a life for myself that I am happy with beyond measure. It wasn’t much before a friend of mine said “you should write a book” that I gave some serious consideration to blogging. My goal, really, is to provide and share some of my experiences, create dialogue and maybe help a few people out along the way. I welcome your comments, questions and ideas about what you’d like to chat about. Namaste, T xo

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