Love Train: Single Ladies Dating Workshop

Hi All – Happy Saturday‼️ It’s late as I write this.  I have my second wind – I have been suffering from the wickedest of headaches the last two days (due to the weather) and spent most of yesterday and today sleeping and laying in bed with an ice pack on my noggin’ 🤕.

So, today I wanna write about something I’ve been working on.  I recently starting partnering with the beautifully talented nugget of a woman (she’s 5’0″ of pure energy and love) … Sabrina La Vista insofar as launching her new passion company #LoveTrain.  I’m working (volunteering) my FaceBook advertising services to help  her get her amazing company off the ground (from an advertising perspective) and most importantly her newest workshop – Single Ladies Dating Workshop coming up on May 26, 2019 – in Toronto!  *** TICKETS AVAILABLE BELOW ***

Wanna find out more about Love Train?

Are you single and looking to up your dating game?  

Are you looking for juicy, romantic love?  

Maybe the Love Train’s workshop has something for you … 

Who is Love Train? 

The Love Train is a committed group of mentors and relationship coaches who believe that everyone deserves a loving and fulfilling romantic relationship.
Founded in 2018, The Love Train was born out of the idea and power of fulfilling romantic love. Through copious research and rigorous training, Love Train coaches reliably deliver refined and tailored coaching in the area of dating, relationships and love. The Love Train methodology has been delivered in various formats, through seminars, intimate group settings as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. The Love Train workshops and seminars tackle real-world issues about modern dating and relationships in a fun and engaging way, leaving each participant clear and empowered to take action in the area of love. Love Train coaches are committed to everyone having quality dates and real, noticeable results in their romantic relationships.

How Did They Get Started?

The Love Train coaching business began when the founder, Sabrina La Vista, completed a vigorous personal training and development program. All around her, she was surrounded by powerful, inspiring leaders making contributions to their families and communities. Yet in the area of personal relationships and dating, so many incredible people experienced frustration and disappointment.
The quality dates they wanted weren’t happening, even with all the dating apps, bar hopping, blind dates and set-ups with a bunch of people.
Something is always just… in the way. Dating fatigue and resignation was setting in!
That’s where Love Train comes in.
Love Train is committed to the idea and power of fulfilling romantic love. Imagine getting all that frustration and disappointment you have about dating and relationships out of your way.

**** Imagine being left with the feeling that you can create ANYTHING you want in your dating experience, attracting the right people and actually enjoy dating again? What would that be like? ****

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 12.13.16 AM



Why Did This Appeal to Me?

The decision to offer to assist Sabrina was multi-factorial:

1) I had a service I could offer her to help her build her amazing brand – she’s out to change the relationship game and I’m sooooo game for that!

2) In turn, I could get some coaching and additional experience in advertising and marketing

3) The experience could possibly give me content for my blog 🤷🏻‍♀️

4) Maybe I could take her workshop to help me in the dating scene? (I need it LOL – See my previous post – This is Dating in 2019!

5) I just really helping people and seeing their dreams become a REALITY!


Single Ladies Dating Workshop – Toronto

LADIES … this is JUST for you!

Are you looking for juicy, romantic love? Love Train is here to cause breakthroughs in your LOVE LIFE 💜

They’ll teach you how to stop destructive patterns, develop true love and create greater intimacy


* Getting whatever is in your way, out of your way!

* Teaching you to stop comparing your dates/relationships

* Grating your expectations

* Learning the steps on how to run success dating operation and;

* Creating a new vision for your potential relationship based on your true desires


* Openness to learn and grow in your love life

#allaboardthelovetrain – they’ll help you cherish who you are, see your true magnificence and become a magnet who is unstoppable in love!

 Location details in Eventbrite link 💜 Click HERE for tickets.









Hope to see YOU there!  Afraid to come alone?  Don’t be we’re all in the same boat, better yet – bring a friend!  


T xo


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