Umm, What’s a Permaculture Community?

One of the best things about creating something from nothing is exactly THAT!  Creating something that is POSSIBLE in a space where there is NOTHING (in the way but to create).

Last night, my awesome friend, and group member Timothy Holmes and I got to chatting about one of the homework assignments in a course we’re currently taking (I’ll get more into that in another post) and we were sharing about our bold requests for the day.  I shared about asking two of my friends who own businesses to meet me to discuss partnering opportunities for my non-profit ECOtionally and that I requested to help a friend who was having some reasons and considerations about her current situation.

Timothy shared that he had requested of his employer that he not work on Thursdays because that’s the day he chooses to drive 4+ hours from Victor, New York, USA to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to attend this course that we’re taking together (again I’ll share more about it in a separate post) – but let’s say that it’s powerful enough that he willingly and intentionally crosses the US|Canada border (in and out) and drives 4 hours to be in a classroom for 2.5 hours with a group of people who are committed to leaving people touched, moved and inspired  (yes, it really is that life transforming guys!).  

Now, I have to acknowledge Timothy, he is a spiritually free human, with a big authentic heart and is full of acceptance – I always feel that he truly listens, is genuinely interested in what I have to say and he’s open to doing what’s necessary to transform his life into something awesome that he loves and lives, powerfully.  His sharing within our team and within our larger group is invaluable.  I really get a lot from his participation in the program – he’s just so darned inspiring … (everyone clap for Timothy please 👏🏻).

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 12.52.17 PM
Timothy @ Exodus Farm (Victor, NY)

Out of our sharing I asked Timothy about the project he has been working on at Exodus Farms (his family farm where they’ve been organically farming for more than 40 years) and the event which he created and is taking place this Friday (he’s such a cool dad that he incorporated his daughter’s birthday into the event!).

I was so inspired by what he created and is looking to create in the long term that I asked if he’d be ok with me writing a blog about him, his project and the other BIG things he’s up to in making the world a better place for all of us and that is how you create something out of nothing!  Out of a simple conversation, something was created, an opportunity – I was provided with awesome blog content to share with my readers – about someone who’s out to change the world and Timothy was provided with the opportunity of pro bono advertising for his endeavours (win-win!)

Exodus Farm’s Vision

“Our goal is to protect and preserve this land with a land trust and use the organic farm land for “tiny home” non-fixed/non-permanent type dwellings, homesteading and permaculture community with like-minded folks who would like to live in a natural way with sacred connection to all the living animal, insect, plant, water and wild earth habitats that are here on this land. 

We seek to nurture this ancient tribal land in community by living with and learning from this land by honoring it.  I envision this community being self sustaining by everyone growing and sharing their organic food.  I envision solar power and a purified well water source. 

Knowing that contributors are assisting in creating this Earth Dream into reality they would be more that welcome to participate and be a part of this community, visit, stay in sacred communion with the land in its many aspects.  We would like to see the land be protected and preserved also because our ancestors have worked so hard in our past to ensure that the natural resources and living things on this land were preserved so we definitely want to continue with their vision of preservation”.


Ummm, Ok – So What Exactly is a Permaculture Community?

Before I started talking to Timothy , I felt kind of ignorant that I had absolutely NO IDEA.  Not to fret,  I got it now – it’s really just a fancy dancy word for a holistic, living-in-harmony-with-nature worldview, as well as an approach for how to do so.

The more sophisticated version is  that permaculture integrates land, resources, people and the environment through mutually beneficial synergies – imitating the no waste, closed loop systems seen in diverse natural systems. Permaculture studies and applies holistic solutions that are applicable in rural and urban contexts at any scale.

And that my friends is what Timothy is working on achieving at his family homestead in Victor, NY.

Q&A With Timothy Holmes


Q: Can you tell us more about who you are?

A: I AM Infinite Love! I am a farmer, a father, a son, brother, a friend, a family, a visionary, a builder, a poet, a sacred clown, a healer, an artist, a musician and a co-creator.  I grew up as a cowboy for about 25 years.  I enjoy silliness, community, togetherness, writing, creating art, music, poetry and nature.  I am a Father of two lovely children named Oliver William and Grace Abigail.  I live on the farm with my parents, brother and  his family.  I also am a holistic practitioner.  I do massage-sound therapy, and counselling.  I am an advocate for the whole human and earth (body, soul, spirit, nature).  I practice mystical mindfulness.

Q:  Tell us more about your family farm.

A: I grew up on this farm that originally was my Grandparent’s.  My grandparents also assisted in raising me.  It has been a organic beef cow farm for about 40 years back when organics were unknown and unpopular.  It later became an organic vegetable farm (C.ommunnity S.upported A.griculture) where the farm supported about 550 families with seasonal shares of vegetables where they could pick up at the farm twice a week.  The farm has now transitioned into a permaculture homestead where we have created big garden projects, currently building a tiny house, attending to chickens and develop an in-tune relationship with the 70 acre ecosystem of the farm.  It was originally a a 170 acre farm of which my Grandfather sold 100 acres to a family who in turn sold it to a building contractor which has inspired me to advocate for land and farm preservation!
Check out my YouTube video on land and farm preservation!

Q: What are you currently working on at the farm?

A:  My main project for the farm right now to to build a spiritual-permaculture community where a few can build their own tiny house, practice sustainable farming and participate in spiritual mindfulness practices.
The farm is also open to the wider community as well.  There will be classes, day programs, and workshops in healing arts, trade skills, spirituality, music, art, etc.

Q: Tell us more about your event this coming weekend?

A:  It is a community farm night.  There will be a bring a dish to pass free potluck.  An open mic for guest to share that which touches, moves and inspires them, music, poetry, sharing on permaculture and sustainable living.

Q:  What are you up to next?

A:  Next I am completing the tiny house project by late Autumn to move into at the farm.
I am also creating a weekly spiritually centred hiking group where we can all explore the beauty of nature together in the Finger Lakes region.  The Finger Lakes is a gorgeous region consisting of waterfalls, rolling hills, lakes that look like creator reached down and carved out bodies of water, grape vineyards, farms and gorges.
Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 12.07.31 AM
Sketch of the Tiny Home he’s building
Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 12.07.38 AM
Progress to date

Media Mentions

Click below to take a listen to Timothy’s appearance on the Urban Monk Think Tank podcast called “Weather of the Mind”.

The host (and pal) introduces Timothy and asks listeners to “try and keep an open mind and trying to hear some of what drives and motivates him . Tim is a very spiritually driven person, it’s his number one devotion in life, is the spiritual path and he does it with an independence and a sincerity that is quite refreshing” as Timothy takes us down his journeys –  about his version of wandering and of a vision quest – of finding your voice and finding trust.

Episode 1: https://www.weatherofthemind.org/spiritualwandering/

Episode 2: https://www.weatherofthemind.org/vision-quest-as-vacation/


I really enjoyed these podcasts – it was truly interesting to learn these deep spiritual connections that are so important to Timothy and why the project he’s working on is so dear to him.  The purpose of Timothy’s appearance on the podcast was to bring in the people to build the spiritual-permaculture community at his farm.



If you’re in or from the Finger Lakes Region this weekend – definitely consider popping by Exodus Farm and visiting Timothy for some interesting chats and what he’s up to in the big wide world!



T xo


“Don’t waste time waiting for opportunity to surface; it may never happen that way. Spend time to create one and many more will unfold in series!”
Israelmore Ayivor

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