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My Travel Bucket List – How Many Have You Been To?

Hi everyone, happy long weekend (in most provinces/territories in Canada).  I’m so excited and the reason I’m so excited is that I have NO plans.  Yes, I’m excited that I have no plans – I get to have a weekend solo to do nothing or everything and I love it.  Most of my days and weekends have been filled with commitments, and this weekend it all falls into play that I don’t.

That means I have the time to do what I want I love and want to do — plan and get ready for my move to South East Asia in 8 months!

In preparing for that, I started making a list of the things I wanted to do and places I wanted to see while I was in SEAsia and then it quickly expanded into a travel bucket list of the places I’d love to see – and there are plenty more.

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 8.22.06 PM

  1. Visit 20 countries – (I’ve been to: Canada, USA, Mexico, Aruba, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Japan, Vietnam, China)

Places I want to see while I’m in SEAsia: Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Borneo, Myanmar, Laos, Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Phillipines, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Bikini Atoll

  1. Live in another country for a year
  2. Halong Bay- Vietnam 
  3. Great Wall of China
  4. Sahara Desert
  5. See the Northern Lights
  6. Pyramids of Giza- Egypt
  7. Do 2 weeks at an India Ashram
  8. Ranganathaswamy Temple- India
  9. Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh- Cambodia 
  10. Taj Mahal- India
  11. Mount Fuji- Japan 
  12. Lake Louise – Canada
  13. Mount Rushmore – USA
  14. Las Vegas – USA
  15. Santorini – Greece
  16. Attend an Olympic Games
  17. Stonehenge
  18. Climb Mount Everest Base Camp – Nepal
  19. Go to the Equator
  20. Build a Tiny House on wheels and travel for 365 days all over Canada and the States
  21. Bagan -Myanmar
  22. Ride a camel
  23. Eat a 16 pound bowl of Pho (Toronto)
  24. Tonkinese Alps – Vietnam
  25. Visit The Mekong Delta and the Cu Chi Tunnels
  26. MAE KLONG, THAILAND – Maeklong Railway Market
  28. Normandy France
  29. Trace my family history in England and Salem, Massachusetts 

I had to stop myself at 30!  I could have kept going easily!  I’d spend the rest of my days happily traveling and immersing myself into the history, culture and culinary cuisine of different cultures.  I love getting to know everything I can about each place I visit – I outgrew all inclusives (AI) so  long ago.  And, even when I did go, I was never the person who sat on the beach or by the pool all day and drank.

For example, I remember once (in 2008) when a good friend and I were in the Dominican Republic (I know it’s getting a bad rep lately with all of the deaths there this year, and I have never had a bad experience there and I’ve been 6x).  Everyone was purchasing the prerequisite day trip – you could go on a jeep safari, swim with the dolphins, horse back riding tours, catamaran tours etc — having been to all inclusives 12x prior, I wasn’t into paying for the traditional day trip and I didn’t find them all that great (other than Chichen Itza in Mexico) and I asked Shannon, the friend that I was traveling with if she’d trust me and let me come up with something original and wayyyyy less $.

She agreed and I walked up to the outside of the hotel we were staying at in Sosua and asked one of the cab drivers how much to rent his cab for the whole day and for him to show us around Sosua and Puerto Plata (our own personalized tour) – $80.00!  That’s IT!  $80.00, $40.00 each (we asked for his information and provided it to the hotel concierge with a time that they could expect us back.  I actually chose José because he had a great vibe and he had his son Junior with him for the day.  Plus, we also had our cell phones – at the time there was no Roam Like Home plans – so I purchased a one week add on package).  He drove us down to the famous Malecon Boardwalk, he took us to and waited for us as were toured the Fort San Felipe, we took the cable car high above Puerto Plata on Mount Isabel de Torres with his son – while he waited, we were able to make Dominican cigars, we toured a traditional Dominican neighbourhood and while in that area he took us for lunch to a local restaurant – we appreciated them so much that we offered to pay for his and his son’s lunch – they were sooo great and it was awesome to have spent the day with them.  And all for only $40.00.


Long story short (ok, that wasn’t even close to being short LOL) – those are my travel bucket list items.

Have you been, which ones?  Which ones are MUST dos? Where do you still want to go?

I want to hear them — what are your ….

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 8.27.40 PM


T xo

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