My Team is Growing, Come Join!

How often are you offered the opportunity to make money, make a difference, and have fun all on your terms?

A few years ago, I became an Independent Consultant with an organization that I fell in love with.  I was hard yes to everything they stood for – their stance on the environment, the safety standards of their products, the fact that they were vegan friendly and don’t test on animals.  I loved that their products are pure and botanically based and didn’t include things like parabens and phthalates long before it become a “thing”.

Being an Independent Consultant (IC) with Arbonne allowed me to leverage my time and allowed for extra income. Being a single mom at that time, every bit helped and I was able to do this along side my full-time job in the insurance industry.  The opportunity also allowed me to meet new and exciting people every day whether through hosting events, in general conversation or via the Arbonne community.

As life does from time to time, it went sideways and I lost sight of my business and my clients …. fast forward and I have recommitted myself to my business.   With all of the self exploration, transformation and personal development I’ve been doing over the last year in conjunction with finishing my Life Coaching Certificate, I’m actually feeling better equipped to take this on more powerfully.  Not that I wasn’t supported – I had a great Coach, a fab team and my up-lines were extremely supportive.  I feel I can now take on being the hands on, attentive, skilled leader that my team and clients deserve.

The products sell themselves because they’re that superior and what I’m committed to is being an amazing IC as well as building and coaching a strong successful team.

“At Arbonne, we have been on a green journey since 1980 and always will be. From botanically based ingredients to forward-looking green improvements, being earth friendly has everything to do with who we are and how we choose to grow.”

Why Arbonne?

Choosing to get back into social marketing I could have opted from one of the many that are out there – it’s a growing industry – and let’s face it there’s no signs of it stopping – it’s just the way of the world now – everything is online.  This article is great and informative and speaks to why network marketing is better than a “normal” job –> network marketing vs normal job.

Not quite sure what social marketing is?  It’s been around forever (even Avon and Mary Kay are social marketing companies).  I can best describe it like this — have you been to an amazing restaurant lately or seen the best movie?  How about an incredible sale on watermelon?  The first thing we do, naturally, is tell people about it, right?  That’s social marketing.  And in Arbonne, sharing your love for the products can lead to product sales and a successful business.

So, why Arbonne? Arbonne fits perfectly in what I stand for in an organization, especially  since I launched my non profit ECOtionally, it meets the ethical components that matter to me most in:

1) doing business with and;

2) products that I choose to use.

I mean if these standards don’t jive with ECOtionally’s stance on the environment, I don’t know what company does!

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 10.31.05 PMFor more on their Global Sustainability Commitment click HERE

It’s also makes good business sense because you earn even while purchasing every day products that you need for you and your family.  So, you earn an income by buying your shampoo and condition, toothpaste, deodorant, skin care products, supplements, makeup and essential oils etc!  That’s insane!  You’re paying yourself to buy what you need.

Note:  While I stepped away for a period of time, it doesn’t mean that I stopped using the products … they’ve always been an important part of my skin care routine (I use and love the RE9 line,) and I swear by it – I’ve been using it since 2014 and I’m 45 now.



What’s Possible for You?

Imagine the freedom to live the life of your dreams by starting your own successful business. That’s the beauty of their business model. So many Independent Consultants have done just that, and have transformed their careers, their lives … themselves. With the right leadership, tools and effort, you can too … and I’m ready to help you do just that.  

It helps if you start by identifying what’s important to you.  

What do you want to achieve?  (not just in Arbonne, in life)

Are you simply looking for supplementary income or are you looking to leave your 9-5 all together?

Are you looking for an opportunity get out and meet new people?  Become part of a community?

What you create is completely up to you, I’m just setting some framework for you …

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 12.11.57 AM
Throwback to 2014 – one of my team members and I manning the booth at a Mom and Me Event

How Can I Help You?

Let’s grow and build your business together. It’s the perfect time to start your Arbonne journey! Join the Healthy Living Inside & Out movement and embrace the opportunity to live healthy, happy and free.

I know I can’t expect to share all there is about social marketing, why Arbonne in a 1300 word blog and I’m certain you have questions – I know I sure did when the opportunity presented itself to me, so, I encourage you to reach out to me via the Contact Me page and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours and arrange for a call.

And, btw you have absolutely nothing to lose by signing up as an IC:

  1. It’s only $59.00!
  2. You immediately receive 35-50% off your product order
  3. We’re in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Poland and New Zealand – you can do business from your phone from anywhere in the world with people in any one of these countries!
  4. You receive Flat Rate Shipping on all  IC orders, with no minimum or qualifying amount, and Free Shipping with a qualifying order of 500 QV or more!
  5. You receive your very own personal e-commerce website with shareable digital catalogue.
  6. You’ll have access to free apps for on the go business management, a social marketing library for sharing Arbonne, and a complete knowledge library for product and business information.
  7. In addition to me as your awesome up-line and Coach – you’ll also have the support of an incredible community that embraces the pure joy of helping others.

Not Interested in Becoming an IC Now and Want to Save Anyway?

That’s totally ok, I got that – you can start saving as a Preferred Client.  In doing that you will receive:

  • 20% Discount
    40% Value Packs

$20 Registration Fee
Free Product Rewards
Free Shipping on Qualified Orders

To Sum Up

With network marketing you can work anywhere you want. It allows you to leverage your time and spend it where it matters most to you.  You can be your own boss.  You have unlimited income potential.  You can get paid to drive a white Mercedes Benz (you actually earn a car allowance). You can build a team and when someone comes along who wants to do it the same way that you did then you’ll be more than happy to help them get started and then you can earn a percentage from several levels of contributors via overrides under you.

I’ll go ahead and say that there is no guarantee that you will make money in network marketing, it’s up to you.  You have to put in the time and effort to generate an income – like anything else you do in life.

I’ve had people come and go in a wide variety of social networking businesses who’ve said “it just didn’t work for me”.  Maybe it didn’t and then I ask them to consider …  how did you work it?  Were you consistent?  Were you out there generating business or expecting it to fall into your lap?  Were you just posting to Facebook and IG or were also you making calls to your clients and network marketing? 

While you there are tons of pros to Social Marketing, you have to work it to make it work.

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 12.07.44 AM

I’m looking forward to having you on my team or talking about any possibility you’re looking to create – if you’d like to know more about social marketing, Arbonne, the products — anything – please reach out to me and I’ll be in touch with you 🙂


T xo

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