Passionate About Helping You Live Life Powerfully!

Hi lovelies,  Happy Labour Day Long Weekend!

I have the best news to share with you … I’ve finally launched my Life Coaching business.

A life coach’s invaluable services have the potential to harmonize and balance people’s lives. As we grow as individuals, we may experience a range of negative emotions, such as guilt, resentment, and insecurity, which prevents us from moving forward towards personal and professional success.

To be successful in your personal transformational journey, you need to find the perfect life coach to help support you through the process. This means choosing a life coach that you feel comfortable with, and is aligned with not just your goals, but your personality and lifestyle too.

I’ve been working in disability management for over 20 years. One of the aspects I find most satisfying in my role is helping people take on challenging aspects of their lives mainly in the areas of health and employment and assisting them in overcoming those challenges in order to successfully return to good health and work or start over in a new area of interest.

I have spent every week of the last 12 months being deeply involved in personal development training – not only to improve my life and my way of being and how I show up in the world and in the lives of the people around me, to also to ensure that I have the best hands on training and experience to pass along to you, my clients.

This month I start a highly specialized 7-month course. This program is an opportunity for me to engage with remarkable people, and to expand and express my ability to speak in a way that leaves others with new opportunities to take action in their lives even more so than I already do.

And, I not only talk the talk, I walk the walk! As your coach, I’m not going to encourage you to live your dreams, if I don’t live mine. Last year I created that I was going to move to South East Asia and this coming May I am! And, I am hoping to take my clients with me on this amazing journey – one week we can be having a chat from Vietnam and the next week I could be in Laos — isn’t that amazing?


I have a passion for empowering in such a way that people can see for themselves and act on those possibilities.

Choosing a life coach is a tough decision – you definitely want to connect with the person coaching you.  And to make your choice easier with less guess work involved, I wanted to give you a bit more information about me, who I am at the core, not just what I bring to the table as a Life Coach, what I’m passionate about and what I’m up to in the world.

So here we go:

I’m a hugely passionate person, I’m driven and I’m a yes to life … now and, I wasn’t always – believe it or not, I used to be a wallflower – I blended it, I didn’t want to stick out, I was afraid of being self-expressed, of being wrong and worse off being judged. I didn’t play sports that I loved in high school because I was afraid of not being good enough or being laughed at. I always felt I wasn’t good enough because of my socio-economic status. The consequence to that is that missed out on a lot of stuff I really wanted and enjoyed doing 😞 . Now, I live my life fully more self expressed and more authentically and can help you do the same.

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 8.34.21 PM

I am the mom of two wonderfully amazing young women. I was a young mum, 18 and 23 when I had them – it wasn’t always easy and I’ve had my fair share of not so fine parenting moments, and they they turned out good and I’m super proud of both of them 🙂.  

I am passionate about the environment and earlier this year started non profit organization called ECOtionally geared toward environment awareness, protection and preservation. I am in the process of growing that team and am currently interviewing for a few different positions. We’ll be holding our first semi-annual world tidy day in the few weeks once we iron out the details.

I love history, genealogy and true crime documentaries/podcasts.

My Three Wisdom Warriors as I call them, are:

1- Tony Robbins (I’ve seen Tony in Vegas at a 3 hour event)
2- Robin Sharma (I’ve seen Robin at an event for an hour in Winnipeg)
3- Eric Thomas (I’ve yet to see, and I’m going to scope out some of his upcoming events).

I love to travel and learn about different cultures – I find it so fascinating. Last year, I created the possibility of moving to Vietnam – it started off as most dreams do, as someday, one day. After day one of the course I was taking I changed that to 5 years and after day 2 I was at 3 years and then after the final day of the course – I was like – “What the heck I am waiting for?” There’s no guarantee of a someday – live your life now. So, I decided that I was going to leave in 1 year – that that day is in April/May of 2020!

I am a foodie! I. Love. Food. I love ethnic foods the most. Different nationalities.

My top 3 would be:
1- Indian
2- Viet/Thai
3- West Indies

I’m passionate about self development – I always have been. I’m a walking billboard of tattoos re: authenticity and positivity.

I’m more spiritual than religious. I go to church from time to time and I also mediate to Hindi mantras. I believe in integrity and doing the right thing – that’s my “mantra”.

I’m a mish mash of nationalities – from French, to British, Irish to Métis and Algonquin. I’ve traced by family tree back to the 1600’s in some lines.  I’m a distance descendant of Ab Lincoln and Amelia Earhart, of the explorer Louis Joliet, of someone who made an accusation in the Salem Witch Trials – of the first documented marriage between a French and Native Woman.

I’m an open book and straight to the point, I’ve been through a lot in my life and I feel that I can’t coach you well if I’m not willing to be vulnerable, authentic and connected to you and expect the same in return. It’s a two way street in my opinion 🙂

Life Coaching does for your mind what personal training does for your body

I’m really excited to start this journey “officially”. I’ve been doing coaching in some way, shape or form for the last 17 years and 1:1 coaching for the last little while.

If there’s an area of otur life you’re stuck with – your career, goals, aspirations, relationships (romantic of family) or just stuck in a rut, book a 30 minute free initial consult with me via Facebook or message me on here and let’s talk about what’s possible for you.

If there’s someone in your life you feel could use some guidance – have them reach out to me as well, I’m happy to have a chat with them.

Starting your own business is really living life out on that skinny branch — unsure, a little scary and a lot of fun – and it really gets its legs by word of mouth and social media shares – if you’d be so kind as to share my My Better Life Coach Facebook page, I’d be grateful. Website coming soon!

One of the most important tasks I take on as a Life Coach is helping you pinpoint what you want and helping you make that happen.

The BEST PART is that I WORK REMOTELY … we don’t have to be face to face, I’m creating that the successful unique part of my business is that I am a remote coach …

I look forward to hearing from you and help you bring about change in your life.



T xo

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