Life Coaching

What Do You Want in Life?

I’ve grown so much as a person the last year and I’ve also had the immense pleasure of seeing my clients expand, take leaps, get out of their comfort zones and really take charge of mastering their own lives.

This really takes something!  Choosing to take on your life in a way that most people don’t is both confronting and very rewarding (… did I mention confronting?).  I truly applaud people who are out to create big lives for themselves and those around them — because, let’s be very real here, if we transform – by default we transform the people around us.

I set up the people in my life to powerfully win.  I stand for them in what they are out to achieve.  I already view them as who they will become at the end of their journey – so they can’t help but step into that possibility.  People are scared of what they don’t know – and I take a stand for them to function outside of their reasonableness to create a life that everything is possible – and I don’t mean what they see as possible which is limited by only what seems possible within their comfortable “boundaries” I mean honest to goodness shaking their lives up – leaving jobs they’ve been at for over 15 years to launch a business they had only been “dreaming” of starting.  Of being single for 6+ years and having created the possibility of finding a juicy, romantic, loving relationship and within our work together finding a new boyfriend of 4 months!  I’ve helped people work through their biggest fears and helped people move from “dreams” to “action” to “reality” — (see my testimonials on my Facebook and/or Instagram page).

It’s all very real and very achievable – no matter what you’re out to achieve.  The biggest thing is that I understand that everyone needs their own unique requirements to grow … like plants.

Photo Credit: Jeff Nguyen

For some people it’s becoming complete with the past – events that have occurred, people they no longer have relationships with that ended badly, their childhood and anything else “back there” that doesn’t belong in the future they’re creating.

For others it may be trying to figure out why they’re recurrently responding the same way each time their boss questions them about something at work, their spouse gets upset about not taking out the trash or when someone doesn’t hold the door open and it slams shut in their face.  We work through the filter in which they see the world and how IT clouds reality.  We get really present to how that way of being and seeing the world doesn’t allow them to solve their problems … to quote Albert Einstein:

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 11.37.25 PM

For others we get REALLY CLEAR on what they want in their lives – we dig deep and get really clear on where they’ve been inauthentic in their lives with people, work, family, situations etc.  Now that’s tough work and super rewarding, when you get to be really authentic with people in a way that leaves them seeing you in a different light and as someone who is a person of their word – things really begin to shift in their lives – fast!

As a Life Coach my primary function is not about giving advice. What I do is provide a framework, based on individual fears, beliefs, and motivation that allows one to examine different aspects of their life.  I see it too often, many people go through life, without stopping to define themselves or take stock of their values and beliefs. This leads to confusion and, eventually, we settle for less than what we want.

 Life coaching does for your mind what personal training does for your body.

I only win when everyone else wins!

What are you out to achieve in your life?  Where are you stuck?  Are you living a complacent life?  Are you living the life you inherited or the life you created?

Let’s chat …


T xo

Please note that a life coach is different from a counselor or therapist, who is a qualified individual who offers treatment. Life coaches offer emotional support and motivate and help their clients to identify and make the correct choices.

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