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Yes, Life Coaches Have “Those Days” Too!

Have you ever wondered what a Life Coach actually does?

Have you ever wondered if we’re all just shovelling clouds trying to impress you all to drum up clientele?

Do you think that Life Coaches are immune to ordinary every day problems because of our training?

(Buzzer sound) Most of the time I’d like to think that I am unstoppable, fearless and unbreakable and … I’m human.  I have bad days, I have days with doubt, of second guessing my decisions and choices.  Some days I feel bad for myself and look at others with a tinge of green in my eyes (ooooohhhh the envy).  And guess what, that’s all perfectly ok!  It’s ok to be right where you are.

Here’s the thing, my training as a Life Coach and the extensive personal development I have invested in myself over the past year and a bit have given me to the tools to get out of that space quicker than ever before and back onto the right path — not only does it help me live a better quality life – it helps me provide you with that opportunity too!

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Did you know that as humans we have a way of being in the world that shows up when when we’re confronted by something?  Yep, 100%

Your actions are in fact your way of being on how something occurs for you – and guess what?  We can’t control it!  It occurs automatically. What we are able to do however is recognize it and really getting present to what’s at the heart of your action.

Ok, so let’s use this for example:

You’re at work sitting at your desk working away, when your colleague Jillian comes to your desk and says “Hey, I was working on a file of yours and I noticed that you didn’t do X and I also noticed that you forgot to call Mrs. Z inform her of your decision”.  In that moment your gut/initial reaction is what?

Do you get … Angry? Defensive? Apologetic? Embarrassed? Accusatory?  Make excuses? Really be honest with yourself here.  How would you honestly react? Not everyone would react in the same fashion.  Sally may become really upset that she made the mistake and break down crying, while Suzy may get uber defensive and may not accept any onus or accountability.  Sammy on the other hand, may give you 101 reasons why she made the mistakes in the first place. Neither is right or wrong – there is no make wrong here, and there is an opportunity to transform your reaction in your listening.

In that a brief moment, unbeknownst to you – you acted based on how your colleague’s comment occurred for you. In this case consider that your colleague was giving you the heads up so your boss wouldn’t notice the errors and she’s coming to you to give you the opportunity to fix them.

Point is folks, a couple of days ago, I had one of those days – where I let the way something occurred for me (whether the other person’s actions were correct or incorrect – they were what they were) take me out of the what I’m up to in the world for a few hours …. and …. in that I missed opportunities to be authentic with people.  I didn’t allow myself to be fully contributed to and in my mind I was making other people wrong because things didn’t go the I had hoped they would.

After only a couple of hours and some coaching from my Coach (what, you think Coaches don’t have Coaches? – of course we do – it’s not easy to see your own dilemmas – that’s why you have a Life Coache and coaches have coaches). I was able to shake that off and get back to boom.  I represenced myself to that fact that the bulk of our lives we spend on things that don’t really matter.  I don’t need to live there, nor do you!

So, let’s back out there – we have 100% of the rest of today left …. and yes, Life Coaches have ups and downs too – we’re just better equipped due to our training to get complete with them quicker — and we can help guide you on how to do the same.

Let’s have a conversation …. I’d love to chat with you about the things that you keep running up against … and how life would look like if you could transform the way you act or react ….

Stay tuned — I’ll be updating you all soon on my move to South East Asia happening in only 4.5 months NOW!


T xo

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