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Do You Want the Change or Just to Complain?

Ok, let’s get honest for a moment shall we?

How bad do you really want change? Enough to get off your hinney and make it happen?   Or are you going to sit there and complain about how you despise your job, how your BF/GF isn’t the right one for you, how you’ve always wanted to start your own business, how you’ve never been able to be complete with your past ….

We can’t change the trajectory of our lives if we’re not committed to:

1) making the decision to have it occur and;

2) taking action

KNOWLEDGE is not POWER, knowledge is only potential power. ACTION IS POWER. Without action – you’re exactly where you’ve always been. And, if that’s working for you (hear hear). And if not, what exactly are you waiting for?

I don’t believe in YOLO … YOU DON’T ONLY LIVE ONCE. You literally LIVE every single day, you die (for good) once.

Everyday you wake up and owe it to yourself to LIVE your most absolute, incredible life. We’ve been conditioned that we can’t, that it’s impossible- that it’s only for the rich and famous – bullcrow – I’m telling you that you can and am living proof that YOU CAN and YOU SHOULD. I’m moving to South East Asia in a little over 4 months … and never would that have been possible given the trajectory of my life and it I had not created it as a possibility for myself a year ago.

I assist people move forward with all aspects of their lives by being a strong stand for them in what they want in the world, in listening, in pointing out their blindspots, in holding them accountable and in championing them as they achieve it.

What’s an area of your life you’d like to transform? Honestly, no one’s life is perfect … and there’s nothing wrong that it’s not. It’s just what’s so.

Let’s have a 30 mins chat about that area – how can I assist you in getting crystal clear in what you’re out to accomplish in the world …

What do you have to lose? (nothing). What do you have to gain? (your life)


T xo


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