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Recreating My Relationship To My Body


In constant remind … “I used to be 121.3 lbs” “How did I allow myself to gain 35 lbs?”  “What happened to my willpower?”  “I used to be so pretty”  

How many of you have some semblance of those thoughts running through your mind on the daily?  When you look at old photos, try on clothes or even just get ready to go out? Or how about “Please retake that picture, I look fat!” “Please don’t post that pic”.  I did and I still do, AND, I’m getting better at not living in that destructive, unproductive mindset.  It doesn’t serve me.

I’m writing this blog entry – raw, no edits, no redos – just what’s on my mind and the realizations that I’ve come to over the last little while.  

This specific blog was brought on largely by the recent release of the misogynistic comments in a private group chat that were released about Nicole Zaajac and how demeaning the men in that chat were toward her body image.  Before this story broke, I had no idea who Nicole was and, I really liked her attitude on how she handled the situation and herself.  Turning their gross words into something to be benefited and learned from, a growth opportunity.  Nicole has been posting body-positive messages online for two years – I clicked the follow button on Insta.

“Everything I post, I post online because I feel beautiful. I feel great. I feel worthy.  I just don’t think it’s worth it to let a few comments from people who clearly don’t respect women get to you.” ~ Nicole Zaajac

The last little while, I’ve been following Ashley Graham and Jenna Kutcher – both amazing, inspirational, successful, glorious, gorgeous women who are full figured and preach body positivity (PREACH GIRLS, PREACH!).  

I AM committed to loving my body, for what it is and what it isn’t.  I’m committed to taking on ways to make it healthy and happy – weight loss is a mere added BONUS, not the objective.

Last year I had written a blog on gratitude about my body and all that it does for me, and I lost sight of that.   I lost sight of my OWN WORDS!

” … this is to my body – it’s enabled me to birth my two beautiful children, to walk along the beach, to see beautiful sunsets, to smell the yumminess of coffee, to kiss my dog Ellie, to love, to be creative, to taste food and to write this post.”

It took something for me to find a recent full body pic of myself and I realized, I didn’t have any  – interesting!  I’m changing that effective immediately 

So what, I’m not 121.3 lbs any more (yes, I used to weigh myself every single morning) and that’s ok.  The excess weight doesn’t take away from my huge generous heart, my kick ass persistence and sticktoitiveness nor my massive LOVE for life.  It DOES NOT detract from who I am.

Thank you @NicoleZaajac et al for reminding me of this 👏🏻







T xo


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