If you could do anything, nothing was in your way and anything was possible ..

#HappySuperSoulSunday everyone ☀️ Today I’m doing some more high level planning for my departure in 8 months, if you've been following along with my blog, you'll know I'm moving to South East Asia in 8 months time!!!!  I’m so excited, it seems so far away still and I know it’s just gonna fly by at… Continue reading If you could do anything, nothing was in your way and anything was possible ..


Recipe: All Day Egg Muffins

These egg muffins are loaded with all your breakfast favourites! Perfect for busy mornings and quick on the go snacks ... I've been eating a lot of eggs lately and was looking for a way to change up the ways I'm cooking them, and decided to go back to an old fan favourite. Recipe makes… Continue reading Recipe: All Day Egg Muffins


ECOtionally: Environmental Mini Posts (ed: 1)

High Tea With Her Royal Highness? Ditch the tea bag .... Did you know that several tea ☕️ bag brands use polypropylene, a sealing plastic, to keep the tea bags from falling apart❓ If you’re eco-conscious ♻️ or even health conscious 💪🏻 and trying to cut down on single-use, man-made materials, you may not be… Continue reading ECOtionally: Environmental Mini Posts (ed: 1)


ECOtionally: How We Reuse Items!

Hello lovelies, Here at ECOtionally we have an upcoming 1️⃣ week recycling challenge ♻️ (the week of July 7 to July 14 2019). For the time being it's limited to our local community,  However, depending on its success, we will be looking at expanding it in the future (of course there's loot for the lucky… Continue reading ECOtionally: How We Reuse Items!

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I Just Launched My Non Profit – Welcome to ECOtionally!

Welcome to ECOtionally! My name is Tina Cassidy and I’m the Founder and Leader of ECOtionally, where we are committed to preserving and protecting our environment – one hand – one person at a time. Born of the notion that no matter how small or insignificant your actions may seem, they matter. We believe that… Continue reading I Just Launched My Non Profit – Welcome to ECOtionally!


Product Review: Freshii Juice Cleanse

It's Monday night - I just competed my coaching call, did some promo work, just finished some research on a new project I'm working on .... and about 5 days ago I finished a 3 day JUICE CLEANSE ... I've done juice cleanses in the past, but, honestly it's been a hot minute since I… Continue reading Product Review: Freshii Juice Cleanse