On Travel: Jasper, Alberta, Canada

I needed a getaway, a short escape to clear my head and refocus, when just by happenstance, my friend Jacques called and told me he was just about to complete his 3-month stint working at the Fairmount Jasper Park Lodge (JPL) in Jasper, Alberta. You don’t get what you don’t ask for, so I madeContinue reading “On Travel: Jasper, Alberta, Canada”

On Genealogy: Great Scott! Descendants of Andrew McKenzie & Agnes Leckie of Lanark Co

I assumed I had some Scottish in me given my 2x great-grandparents last names are  McKenzie and Leckie. I just recently received my updated DNA estimates via Ancestry.ca and this lit a little fire under me to finally document my proud Scottish pedigree. With its center in the northern third of the island of GreatContinue reading “On Genealogy: Great Scott! Descendants of Andrew McKenzie & Agnes Leckie of Lanark Co”

On Genealogy:  My Irish ‘Patrick James Mullen’ Eyes are Smiling

My updated DNA origins have provided me some further insight to my Irish roots. The recent update has really narrowed the percentage of Irish I have in my DNA, my current ethnicity estimate is 6%, but it can range from 0-14%, the range comes from making multiple comparisons of my DNA to to Ancestry reference panel.Continue reading “On Genealogy:  My Irish ‘Patrick James Mullen’ Eyes are Smiling”

On Genealogy: His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew, Duke of York & Me

Ok, ok, so I’m related to the Royal Family, no need to get all excited … so is pretty much everyone with any amount of Anglo-Saxon blood. If you’re new to my blog, I write a lot on my genealogy and, in light of Prince Andrew’s latest Royal scandal, I thought I’d blog about that.Continue reading “On Genealogy: His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew, Duke of York & Me”

Urbex: Kitchener’s Cold War Bunker

You wouldn’t know it was a cold war fallout bunker, especially when on the front of the building there’s a sign that reads Kitchener-Waterloo Rowing on the front of it.  I’ve lived here all but a few years, and had I not known of its existence from stories, I’d be none the wiser.   All thatContinue reading “Urbex: Kitchener’s Cold War Bunker”

On Genealogy: The Life of WWI Pte. Emile Lamothe

This is an update to genealogy story #4 which featured my Great Grand Father, Émile Lamothe, whom I called Grand-Pépère Lamothe (the original blog has been deleted). It was originally posted on June 3, 2017 and I’ve since come across some new photos and information that I want to document and update his story.  Cleophas Émile LamotheContinue reading “On Genealogy: The Life of WWI Pte. Emile Lamothe”

SUV Camping – Manitoba to South Western Ontario

I’ve driven this stretch of road a couple times now and in all honesty, it’s a long haul and I wasn’t much looking forward to it.  Driving straight it is about 26 hours, give or take, especially that due to COVID-19 travel restrictions we cannot cross the US border.  That way would shave off aboutContinue reading “SUV Camping – Manitoba to South Western Ontario”

Amazing Feat of Flying: Visiting the Gimli Glider!

Gimli is the cultural heartland of Icelanders in Manitoba and the country as a whole. Gimli’s first European settlers were Icelanders who were part of the New Iceland settlement in Manitoba.  In Norse mythology Gimli is known as the most beautiful place in the after life, where only the worthy will be transported after death.Continue reading “Amazing Feat of Flying: Visiting the Gimli Glider!”

Urbex: The Little Ghost Town of Insinger, Saskatchewan

I was driving to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (say that 10 times fast) to visit some friends. As I traveled down Highway 16, about 55 km on the other side of Yorkton (from Manitoba) when a domed roof of an old Ukrainian Orthodox church peek out on the right side just over the horizon. It was fairlyContinue reading “Urbex: The Little Ghost Town of Insinger, Saskatchewan”

20 Years Later. Where Were You on 9/11?

It is the JFK assassination of my generation.  It’s like asking where were you when Elvis died.  An event so big that it defines a generation.  So significant and relevant that no matter what else you may forget in your lifetime, this event is forever etched in your brain. September 11, 2001 was the dayContinue reading “20 Years Later. Where Were You on 9/11?”

On Travel: Churchill Good Eats

There were few staples in Churchill that I stuck to in addition to eating in, mainly because they were conveniently located close to my B&B … and they were open. It’s a small town, things close early also capacity and hours vary due to the current COVID-19 state. So without further ado, let’s check out theContinue reading “On Travel: Churchill Good Eats”

On Travel: Exploring The Marvels of Churchill, Manitoba!

Are you ever in for REAL treat! There are so many adventures to be had in this little town of less than 1,000 …. take in as many as you POSSIBLY CAN … you don’t wanna miss a thing.  I stayed for 5 nights and I still had things I wasn’t able to do thatContinue reading “On Travel: Exploring The Marvels of Churchill, Manitoba!”

On Travel: Where I Stayed in Churchill is a Must Stay!

I can’t speak directly to other hotels, inns or B&Bs. However, I can say with absolute certainty that my experience in Churchill was greatly enhanced because of my B&B hosts. I couldn’t imagine my trip without them being part of it. I want to share as much as I can about where I stayed becauseContinue reading “On Travel: Where I Stayed in Churchill is a Must Stay!”

On Travel: Last Stop, Churchill – My Journey to the Far North

Churchill, Manitoba is as close to a frontier town as there is in Canada. Churchill is Manitoba’s northernmost community, and is located where the boreal forest meets the tundra, on the shores of Hudson Bay, bordering the newest Canadian territory of Nunavut.  The town sits on a narrow point of land bound by the oceanContinue reading “On Travel: Last Stop, Churchill – My Journey to the Far North”

Urbex: Exploration of an Abandoned Bowling Alley

After three quarters of a century in the Cambridge area of Waterloo Region, the pins fell for the last time at this bowling alley on May 7, 2017.  The longtime family business sold the land to a developer, who plans to build apartments.   The developer ran into financial problems and the site has beenContinue reading “Urbex: Exploration of an Abandoned Bowling Alley”

Urbex: The Ongoing Story of the Eccentric Pastor Lee House

It has been a hot minute since I’ve posted … I’ve been embroiled in a landlord/tenant matter, wherein I repossessed my home from crappy tenants and have spent the better part of the last 6 weeks renovating it – they left it in such a shambles (ugh) … I’ll post on that separately, they completelyContinue reading “Urbex: The Ongoing Story of the Eccentric Pastor Lee House”

On Genealogy: MY Relation to Ezra CORNELL – Founder of Cornell University

I haven’t blogged in a long while, and while I’m at a dead end in another line of my tree, I decided to do more research on the Cornells. I wondered if it was the same “Cornell” that is synonymous with the Ivy League American University – Cornell. My fifth cousin 6 times removed ORContinue reading “On Genealogy: MY Relation to Ezra CORNELL – Founder of Cornell University”

Urbex: Exploring an Abandoned Strawberry Farm

In this blog, we are exploring the abandoned Stoll Strawberry Farm in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. It is a more recent abandon, 2017. We came upon this find as a “trade” with another urbexer. The video version of this urbex can be viewed here. We only had time to explore the house, we wereContinue reading “Urbex: Exploring an Abandoned Strawberry Farm”

Urbex: The Truest Story About the Abandoned & Eccentric Pastor Lee House

This past weekend we explored the well-known urbex site – the Pastor Lee House in Haldimand County, Ontario. It’s been abandoned forever, has unfortunately been “trashed” and is still a time capsule of bizarre oddities. The video accompaniment to this blog can be viewed here. Trust me it’s worth the watch! We spent a coupleContinue reading “Urbex: The Truest Story About the Abandoned & Eccentric Pastor Lee House”

Urbex: Abandoned 1867 Heritage Farmhouse Explore

Overview Added to Centre Wellington heritage list map January 2021. Located at the north corner of **th Line East and Sideroad **. Lot **, Concession ** of Pilkington Twp. There are two L4C2s, one on the east side of the Grand River and one on the west (E and W). CN Fergus Subdivision ran throughContinue reading “Urbex: Abandoned 1867 Heritage Farmhouse Explore”

Urbex: Northern Ontario Abandoned Hotel Explore!

The Lookout Inn is situated just south of North Bay, in Callander, Ontario. It used to be a hotel with a dining area and patio overlooking Lake Nipissing. The two buildings became a popular destination for vandals over the next decade. The well known and unique resort in Callander officially re-opened its doors to the public in 2017. TheyContinue reading “Urbex: Northern Ontario Abandoned Hotel Explore!”

YES, I Washed my UGGS in the Washing Machine!

Who doesn’t LOVE a good pair of UGGs (or UGG look alikes)? I’m on my third pair — this pair is an UGG Classic Short II – super comfy, I can’t imagine my life without a pair of UGGs in them! And, let’s be real, UGGs aren’t on the cheap side either, with a priceContinue reading “YES, I Washed my UGGS in the Washing Machine!”

Urbex: Exploring 3 Abandoned Farm Houses in 1 DAY!

Another awesome #urbex today – I was able to find not 1, not 2 but 3 abandoned farm houses to explore. I actually located 6-7 in a little cluster in Milton/Oakville – but am only going to post about these 3 today. IF YOUR INTERESTED IN SEEING THE VIDEO VERSION OF THIS POST – CLICKContinue reading “Urbex: Exploring 3 Abandoned Farm Houses in 1 DAY!”

Urbex: Exploring a Well Known Meat Processing Plant!

This weekend I did another awesome urban explore at an old abandoned factory in town.  I’m not gonna share the exact location. You may think it’s ridiculous to not share the location of a place you’ve explored. It is an abandoned building after all, what’s the big deal?  The reason I don’t share location informationContinue reading “Urbex: Exploring a Well Known Meat Processing Plant!”

Urbex: Abandoned Leather Tannery Explore!!

On the coldest day registered this year, my friend Thomas and I decided to stay local for our #urbex and decided to explore an abandoned factory in town.  It has been abandoned for decades and I drive by it quite regularly,  for some reason it never occurred to me to explore it …. so 2Continue reading “Urbex: Abandoned Leather Tannery Explore!!”

Rh- Alien Blood,Royal Blue Bloods and My Linage to King John I

Before getting into the meat of this post, it’s important to understand blood typing. Interestingly, 85% of the world’s population are Rh+ and only 15% are Rh-. Most of us don’t know our blood type (if you don’t, I strongly encourage you to find out, it’s so important, especially if you require a blood transfusion).Continue reading “Rh- Alien Blood,Royal Blue Bloods and My Linage to King John I”

On Genealogy: MY ROYAL CONNECTION to King Louis VIII of France

I always thought I was special, a Princess you might say, and now I have a little weight behind me to back it up, my 24th great grand-father was King Louis VIII of France. And this discovery, has just set my whole genealogical dig in a whole new wild direction; an astronomical connection all the wayContinue reading “On Genealogy: MY ROYAL CONNECTION to King Louis VIII of France”

Saving Money is Great. Saving Lots of Money is Even Better.

While I was laying around a few weeks ago, I binged watched the TLC show Extreme Cheapskates. It’s an American reality tv series that profiles the lives of those who take frugality to an extreme. Now, let’s all be real here and accept that a lot of it appears to be staged and scripted.  It may beContinue reading “Saving Money is Great. Saving Lots of Money is Even Better.”

Urbex: Abandoned Farm House, North Wellington

It’s been 3 months since I last posted. It feels good to be back to be posting again, thank you for being patient with me, as I worked through the new world as we know it. If you’re a follower you know that one of my favourite pastimes is exploring abandoned buildings/relics. While in BritishContinue reading “Urbex: Abandoned Farm House, North Wellington”

I Can’t Believe They Took Your Life -Toronto Rapper Houdini 🎩 😭

𝕄𝕪 𝕓𝕝𝕠𝕘 𝕙𝕒𝕤 𝕓𝕖𝕖𝕟 𝕓𝕝𝕠𝕨𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕦𝕡 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕒 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕤𝕠𝕟 𝕀 𝕒𝕞 𝕟𝕠𝕥 𝕪𝕖𝕥 𝕨𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕠 𝕒𝕔𝕔𝕖𝕡𝕥! In 2018 I posted a blog on an up-and-coming Toronto rapper, who since, has gained the love and respect of many a fan … to the tune of nearly 20,000,000 downloads on Spotify ALONE!  His first album Hou I AmContinue reading “I Can’t Believe They Took Your Life -Toronto Rapper Houdini 🎩 😭”

On Travel: Awesome Day Trip! Big White, BC to Greenwood, BC

A couple of days ago, I posted a blog on my exploration of the abandoned 102 year old smelter in Greenwood (Anaconda) BC – what a cool experience! If you haven’t had a chance to read that blog – click here. This blog will document our journey from Big White, BC to Greenwood, BC –Continue reading “On Travel: Awesome Day Trip! Big White, BC to Greenwood, BC”

Exploring the 102 Year Old Abandoned BC Copper Company Smelter Ruins

DID THE COOLEST THING YESTERDAY!!! I explored the BC Copper Company Smelter Ruins in Greenwood, British Columbia (BC). IT’S BEEN ABANDONED FOR 102 YEARS! The weather on Big White (Mountain) called for rain all day, that was the perfect opportunity for a day trip! Initially planned to head to Penticton, BC and the weather wasContinue reading “Exploring the 102 Year Old Abandoned BC Copper Company Smelter Ruins”

Monster Hunt: My Search for the Ogopogo Lake Monster

COVID-19 social distancing walk and I’m out and about in the great city of Kelowna, British Columbia (BC). Whilst living up on Big White, a trip down to Kelowna would not be complete without taking the time to search for the legendary Ogopogo who reputedly resides in Okanagan Lake. Lake Okanagan is about 400 kms east ofContinue reading “Monster Hunt: My Search for the Ogopogo Lake Monster”

COVID-19: Turning a Breakdown Into a Breakthrough

COVID-19 Week 8 Update. Never one to stay down, always one to turn a breakdown into a breakthrough. This time is no different! If you’re a regular to my blog, you’ll know that my 12 month adventure of a lifetime all over South East Asia (SEAsia) has been “postponed” due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading “COVID-19: Turning a Breakdown Into a Breakthrough”

COVID-19: Day 19 … How Long is this Gonna Last?

How are you fairing during the COVID-19 pandemic?  Have you ever seen anything like this? We’ve gone through SARS (2002-2003), the Swine Flu (2009-2010), Ebola (2014-2016), MERS (2012 – present) AND nothing of this proportion, this magnitude. Have we ever witnessed anything quite like what we’re living through with this pandemic? I’m now at dayContinue reading “COVID-19: Day 19 … How Long is this Gonna Last?”

COVID-19: My 12 Month Trip of a Life Time Was Canceled, I Quit My Job, Sold My Car & Rented Out My Condo !

In the words of sexy hotness, Matthew McConaughey, “alright alright alright”. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted … so I just want to bring you all up to date on the current lay of the land -> the status of my year long adventure to South East Asia, the COVID-19 pandemic and theContinue reading “COVID-19: My 12 Month Trip of a Life Time Was Canceled, I Quit My Job, Sold My Car & Rented Out My Condo !”

Be Stronger Than Any Excuse You Sell Yourself!

I love this quote, it’s simple and it’s truth.  Don’t think about it, just BE IT.  Most of us spend too much time thinking and not enough time doing.  We spend more time being bystanders in our own lives and not enough time on the court making a difference in our lives or the livesContinue reading “Be Stronger Than Any Excuse You Sell Yourself!”

In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind!

There are people in the world who are not as fortunate as we are. They are plagued with instability, mental health issues and deserve to be treated with respect. They’re human. I’m not sharing this story to highlight myself, just to show that one little thing can mean the world to someone. I was atContinue reading “In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind!”

My Journey Through The World of Functional Medicine Pt 3

I’ve been nursing a flu/cold since last Thursday. And, while I feel much better than I did at the onset, I leave on my 12 month adventure in 2.5 months and my health is one of the only things that matter to me at the moment.  I need to be in top health before IContinue reading “My Journey Through The World of Functional Medicine Pt 3”

My Journey Through The World of Functional Medicine Pt 2

Today we venture into part deux of my journey to restoring good health. Since I last updated you, I’ve received the results of two things: the blood work that my medical doctor requested to investigate my level of fatigue i.e. I have had significant anemia in the past and he queried my thyroid function.  Continue reading “My Journey Through The World of Functional Medicine Pt 2”

My Journey Through The World of Functional Medicine Pt 1

Ugh, I’ve been dragging my butt so hard lately *again* and if I’m being honest, it’s been a lot of months, like 6-7 or so!  I just thought I was exhausted and burning the candles at both ends and that it would pass (I need to learn to listen to myself better). If you’re readingContinue reading “My Journey Through The World of Functional Medicine Pt 1”

Only 4.5 Months Til I Leave for SEAsia!

It feels just not too long ago I had posted that I was traveling all over South East Asia and here it is ONLY 4.5 months away!  I can hardly believe it! I have changed my departure date so many times – it was originally end of February and then I had postponed it toContinue reading “Only 4.5 Months Til I Leave for SEAsia!”

Meet The Person Responsible For Your Life

I’ve seen a lot of buzz on the internet lately about some version of the post below – some positive and others negative – and neither are right or wrong – it’s all a matter of perspective and opinions depending on how you view the world. I am of the belief that as individuals weContinue reading “Meet The Person Responsible For Your Life”

You Have the Life You’re Willing to Put Up With

“You have the life you’re willing to put up with”. Think about it, what are the problems of those heinous dark shadows currently spoiling the warmth and happiness of your otherwise blissful life? 🎯 Do you hate your job? 🎯 Are you in a bad relationship? 🎯 Is there something wrong with your health? Fine! Get a newContinue reading “You Have the Life You’re Willing to Put Up With”

Holy Crow! I Conquered my BIGGEST Fear!

So, you think you can’t do something? You’re too scared? 😱. You can, you are scared AND do it anyway! Anyone who knows me knows I’m deathly afraid of heights. Ask my kids how I am when we take off on a plane.  Ask them which one’s hand used to hurt worse from the nail marksContinue reading “Holy Crow! I Conquered my BIGGEST Fear!”

What’s The Connection Between INTEGRITY and LITTERING?

I spent last weekend in New York City (NYC), I was attending a leaders course in Manhattan with 350 of the eastern seaboard’s most brilliant, inspirational beings, like no kidding – this powerful group is up to big things! While we were out and about enjoying our lunch break, we spent some time walking aboutContinue reading “What’s The Connection Between INTEGRITY and LITTERING?”

Are You True Crime Obssessed?

I have a ton of obsessions — an obsession with lip chap, an obsession with recycling, an obsession with traveling, with being right (kidding) and an obsession with true crime. What is it about serial killers that fascinates huge swaths of the population? What really happened to JonBenét Ramsay? Where is Madeleine McCann?  Did MichaelContinue reading “Are You True Crime Obssessed?”

What Does it mean to be Powerfully Single?

Hey everyone, how are you all doing today?  Thanks for reading, I really hope you’ve all been awesome and living your best lives! I just got in not too long ago from dinner with one of my good friend’s who is home for a visit from Japan – she and her family moved there 2Continue reading “What Does it mean to be Powerfully Single?”

Recipe: All Day Egg Muffins

These egg muffins are loaded with all your breakfast favourites! Perfect for busy mornings and quick on the go snacks … I’ve been eating a lot of eggs lately and was looking for a way to change up the ways I’m cooking them, and decided to go back to an old fan favourite. Recipe makesContinue reading “Recipe: All Day Egg Muffins”

I’d Rather Have a Passport Full of Stamps

I never used to think this way. I used to be of the belief that I wanted the great house, the awesome vehicle, a closet full of name brand clothes – have a Louis Vuitton on my shoulder and Louboutin’s on my feet … I have all that and more. And, guess what? …. itContinue reading “I’d Rather Have a Passport Full of Stamps”

Product Review: Freshii Juice Cleanse

It’s Monday night, I just competed my coaching call, did some work, just finished some research on a new project I’m working on …. and about 5 days ago I finished a 3 day JUICE CLEANSE … I’ve done juice cleanses in the past, but, honestly it’s been a hot minute since I did myContinue reading “Product Review: Freshii Juice Cleanse”

What Do You Do to Enhance Your Life?

⚠️ I am a ridiculously PASSIONATE person, I don’t think that anyone who knows me would disagree. That works to my advantage the majority of the time and at times to my disadvantage … sometimes I need to be dialled down or be more mindful in the way that I communicate 💬 my passion, and, it’sContinue reading “What Do You Do to Enhance Your Life?”

10 days of gratitude: day 10 – MY BIG BEAUTIFUL HEART!

IT’S DAY 10/10 and I could keep going with my list of gratitudes … but I’ll wrap the posts at 10, as promised. Randy Travis wrote a song years ago called My Heart Cracked … some of the lyrics go: Shattered dreams, lay everywhere Broken promises, are all we share I finally took, all IContinue reading “10 days of gratitude: day 10 – MY BIG BEAUTIFUL HEART!”

10 days of gratitude: day 9 – MY BODY!

DAY 9 – the 2nd last day of things that I am grateful for ….  it’s able, it’s healthy, it’s responsive and it’s mine …  … today I am grateful for my body.   It takes a lot for me to actually say that.  I’ve been all kinds of down the last 2 years aboutContinue reading “10 days of gratitude: day 9 – MY BODY!”

10 days of gratitude: day 8 – THE SUN!

Today’s blog is going to be quick and very to the point … I woke up, felt the warm sun on my face after a long winter, I see the trees trying to bloom their first leaves … and it hit me, I’m grateful for THAT!  I simple act of nature, and I’m grateful forContinue reading “10 days of gratitude: day 8 – THE SUN!”

10 days of gratitude: day 7 – MY MISTAKES

…. we all make them, non intentional – oversights. Today I focus on being grateful for my mistakes Made perhaps via clouded judgment, your perspective of the world, opening your mouth when you should have thought beforehand or that stupid phone call or text.  WE ALL MAKE THEM AND GUESS WHAT YOU’LL MAKE MORE …Continue reading “10 days of gratitude: day 7 – MY MISTAKES”

10 days of gratitude: day 6 – MY BELONGINGS!

This morning I woke up, made my tea with my shiny red kettle, poured it into my large Starbucks mug, sat in my lovely sea-foam green chair in my lovely new condominium, with my MacBook Air to write this blog.  After which, I will put on my Canada Goose jacket and Ralph Lauren boots andContinue reading “10 days of gratitude: day 6 – MY BELONGINGS!”

10 days of gratitude: day 5 – MY MENTORS!

I’m 1/2 way through my 10 days of gratitude with this post!  It hasn’t been hard at all finding things to be grateful for … Post #5 is about the people in my life who have had an impact, in ways some people have no idea that they even have.  Some people are just soContinue reading “10 days of gratitude: day 5 – MY MENTORS!”

10 days of gratitude: day 4 – MY CHARACTER!

Ok, we are onto day 4 TODAY, I have so many things to be grateful for – we all do – we just have to take stock of everything little thing – things don’t always have to move mountains to be significant enough to be grateful for – in fact for me it’s quite theContinue reading “10 days of gratitude: day 4 – MY CHARACTER!”

10 days of gratitude: day 3 – MY SITUATION!

How are we feeling today for Day 3 of our 10 days of GRATITUDE? Today’s #3 can certainly be difficult to think of in gratitude especially when we’re down in the dumps, we’ve had our heart broken, lost a loved one or even got passed over for a job we really wanted.  #3 takes aContinue reading “10 days of gratitude: day 3 – MY SITUATION!”

10 days of gratitude: day 2 – MA FAMILLE!

Welcome to day 2 of practicing gratitude … Thanks for joining me along my gratitude journey.  It always feels more productive for me to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys in this case).  There’s obviously a reason counsellors will suggest journalling, it just feels good to get it out there!  I’ve been practicingContinue reading “10 days of gratitude: day 2 – MA FAMILLE!”

10 days of gratitude: day 1 – MY LIFE!

I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about next.  I wasn’t into researching any more on my family tree. But,  I have been spending some time determining what I wanted to do the first month of my move to SEAsia (next year – woo hoo!). Enter INDIA, I have been wanting to spendContinue reading “10 days of gratitude: day 1 – MY LIFE!”

On Genealogy: My Connection to Explorer, Louis Joliet!

It’s dreary and rainy out today, and I don’t wanna get out of bed.  Since I am taking a bit of a break from traveling, I thought I’d focus more so on the Genealogy part of my blog … I still have so many lines that I need to “EXPLORE”. I select which one toContinue reading “On Genealogy: My Connection to Explorer, Louis Joliet!”

On Genealogy: Updated DNA Ethnicity Estimate

As you know, I’m a genealogy nut, or more like nerd. I love working on my family tree, although in the past 6-8 months I’ve barely looked at it more or less worked on it. I can’t even remember the last genealogy blog I posted (hang on let me check — other than a quickContinue reading “On Genealogy: Updated DNA Ethnicity Estimate”

On Travel: Vietnam – What I Loved and Didn’t Love

I’ve been back from Vietnam for about 2 weeks now.  I have to admit it’s been tough being back – to the cold, the snow, back to working 9-5, not traveling … Today I want to share a little about my overall experience in Vietnam.  What I loved, things I wished I had done andContinue reading “On Travel: Vietnam – What I Loved and Didn’t Love”

On Travel: 24-hour Transit Into Guangzhou, China Without Visa

As I write this, I’m home, in bed, it’s 3:00 AM and I cannot sleep.  My body still thinks it’s 3:00 PM, jet lag sucks!  So I thought, what better time than to start my layover in China 🇨🇳 blog. The process was a lot easier than I imagined, so I thought I’d share inContinue reading “On Travel: 24-hour Transit Into Guangzhou, China Without Visa”

On Travel: Mekong Delta, Vietnam 🇻🇳

tạm biệt Việt Nam Today, I left Vietnam.  The country I have come to love over the last 3.5 weeks  It’s a mix of emotions having to go back to Canada.  I’ll miss it there, I’ll miss exploring, the food,  the culture, the adventuring and of course, my eldest daughter.   On the other hand, I’mContinue reading “On Travel: Mekong Delta, Vietnam 🇻🇳”

On Travel: Vung Tau and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

lời chào hỏi! I’m into my third week traveling through Vietnam.  It has been such an experience – one that I am so glad I decided to undertake – I’ve learned so much about myself during this trip. I’ve learned to push myself outside of my comfort zone by: 1) traveling solo for the firstContinue reading “On Travel: Vung Tau and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam”

On Travel: Da Nang and Hoi An, Vietnam

Xin chào!   I hope all is WELL with all of you —- I’m continuing my travels through Vietnam this week – in Đà Nẵng and the ancient city of Hội An. I am more than pleased with my trip to Vietnam to date.  It’s truly a beautiful country, steeped in a long difficult historyContinue reading “On Travel: Da Nang and Hoi An, Vietnam”

On Travel: chúc mừng năm mới from Vietnam!

I’d been planning this trip for months -> months of research, watching YouTube vlogs, booking hotels, finding places to sightsee- which cities to visit?  What to see while I was there? Did I want to start in the North and travel South or vice versa? I decided to fly into Ha Noi and travel SouthContinue reading “On Travel: chúc mừng năm mới from Vietnam!”

I Just Completed #dryjanuary!

#dryjanuary, have you heard of it? Dry January is a public health campaign urging people to abstain from alcohol for the month of January.  I just heard about it in December and thought “why not!” So, Why Ditch The Alcohol? Millions of people pledge to ditch the booze every January! Participants testify to how greatContinue reading “I Just Completed #dryjanuary!”

Remember That Baby From Three Men and a Baby?

I remember watching Three Men and a Baby when it came out in 1987.  I was 13 years old. It was right up there for me that year along with Dirty Dancing, Labamba, Throw Mama from the Train and Teen Wolf Too!  Awww, those were the good ol’ days, weren’t they?  For people of aContinue reading “Remember That Baby From Three Men and a Baby?”

Part 2: When Loving an Addict Makes You CRAZY!

I published Part 1/2 of this series a few days ago.  Thank you for taking in an interest in the story of my personal journey on loving an addict.  Writing this series is a form of healing for me and is also very cathartic.  I hope that in sharing my pain  I can help someoneContinue reading “Part 2: When Loving an Addict Makes You CRAZY!”

Part 1: When Loving an Addict Makes You CRAZY!

I’m not an addict.  But, I’ve loved one!  I’ve been sitting on this post since I wrote it 14 months ago.  I hummed and I hawed on whether or not to post it.  It reveals a vulnerable side of my life, one of which I tried to hide for many many years,  On the otherContinue reading “Part 1: When Loving an Addict Makes You CRAZY!”

On Genealogy: The LEE Side of ME …


10 Shows I’m Binge Watching Right Now

I remember a time long before Netflix, Amazon Red, Zulu, YouTube Channels and Android Boxes when Summer was the worst time of the year for TV – months of repeats until the Fall schedule started … Then again, I also remember a time that your cable box was connected to your TV by a cableContinue reading “10 Shows I’m Binge Watching Right Now”

Dad, It’s Been 4 Years and I Still Miss You Soooo Much💔

Dad, Every November 18th since 2014 is a painful reminder of your absence in my life. I wish I could turn back time and live out every single day of my life as if it were a grand celebration of you. Had we only known you’d be taken from us so soon and so unexpectedlyContinue reading “Dad, It’s Been 4 Years and I Still Miss You Soooo Much💔”

#DTKLove 💛

I was taking a walk with the dog today around my neighbourhood – I moved back to KW just over a year ago.  I was born and raised here.  Did a 5 year stint in Toronto (Toronto proper, not the GTA – at Dufferin and St. Clair) and then spent 2 years in Manitoba –Continue reading “#DTKLove 💛”

Super Soul Sunday Thoughts🧡

I wanted to share authentically with you today for #supersoulsunday I’m often told by people “you’re so strong” , “you’ve been through so much, and have come through the other side better”, “I wish I had your strength”, “you look great for your age” (and thank you, I think I do too – for anyContinue reading “Super Soul Sunday Thoughts🧡”

On Set: Update – Murdoch Mysteries Was Shooting in my Hometown …

Originally posted on December 31, 2017 UPDATE: Sooooo,  I’m finally finished Season 11 and I was able to watch the episode that was shot down the street from me in September of 2017. I’ll explain a bit the scene I was there for.  By the point that I arrived Yannick’s scene had already been shotContinue reading “On Set: Update – Murdoch Mysteries Was Shooting in my Hometown …”

On Travel: Beautiful Vancouver, BC and Area

Good afternoon, good morning or good evening folks, wherever you’re reading this from.  I’m writing this today from beautiful British Columbia (BC) – it’s so true that they immortalize it on their license plates.   I’m out here visiting my youngest daughter and her boyfriend who moved here a few months ago to enjoy aContinue reading “On Travel: Beautiful Vancouver, BC and Area”

On Health: Update – Whole Food Plant Based Diet

A bit ago I posted a blog called On Health: My 30 Day Trial of the Whole Food Plant Based Diet, I’ve long since completed my 30 day trial of a whole food, plant based (WFPB) diet. I promised you all an update …. So, here are a few of my take aways from thatContinue reading “On Health: Update – Whole Food Plant Based Diet”

Exclusive Interview With Up-And-Coming Rapper – Houdini

Today I’m chatting with HOUDINI  – a rapper from Toronto, Ontario (aka The 6). I came across his music earlier this year, when I heard his feature on Came to Conquer with Northside Benji.  At that time he was still going by the stage name daHoudini. This kid’s got something special,  I promise you, he’s gonnaContinue reading “Exclusive Interview With Up-And-Coming Rapper – Houdini”

On Genealogy: Willis Carrier – One COOL Dude!

I haven’t written a blog on genealogy in what feels like a long while.  We’ve been going through a bit of a heat wave in South Western Ontario the last few days, it’s cooler and less humid today at around 25 Celsius.  For the better part of the last week it has been hitting nearContinue reading “On Genealogy: Willis Carrier – One COOL Dude!”

The Storm Chaser in Me

I have such diverse interests … although I love fashion, and makeup and dressing nicely in name luxury brand clothes, a huge part has “nerd” labeled all over me, and I’m most definitely not offended by it – I’ve embraced my inner nerdiness.  One of the things I am obsessed about are documentaries — otherContinue reading “The Storm Chaser in Me”

On Dreams: my plans to move to south east asia

If you’re new to following my blog (thank you for supporting my journey, I do truly appreciate each of my followers -and please feel free to tell a friend, I try to keep my topics relevant and authentic to me as a person and life), then you likely know that I am …. wait for itContinue reading “On Dreams: my plans to move to south east asia”

On Health: Why I’m Choosing Complimentary Care

It’s been a while since my last blog entry, I’ve been feeling so many different things lately, and as I started to type I thought I was actually going to talk about empty nest syndrome, or my plans to move to South East Asia in a few years … but as I started – IContinue reading “On Health: Why I’m Choosing Complimentary Care”

On Travel: Cuba, Authentico!

It’s miserable out as I write this – it’s cold and snowing.  To think, just yesterday I was in Cuba and today … back to reality. I hadn’t been to Cuba in about 17 years, but my best memory is that of an aqua blue ocean, sugar-white beaches and mojitos, so, I was anxious toContinue reading “On Travel: Cuba, Authentico!”

On Health: My 30 day Trial of the Whole Food, Plant Based Diet

Last week myself along with about 19 other colleagues started a trial whole food, plant based (WFPB) diet.  The trial is for one month, and we are to stick to the diet with a rule of 80/20. 8 days in and I am starting to believe more than ever that so much of what weContinue reading “On Health: My 30 day Trial of the Whole Food, Plant Based Diet”

On Genealogy: The Loyalist, The Spy and The American Revolution

I took a bit of a break from my close relatives because I found another interesting leaf hint and decided to follow it.  I saw this one before, but, I felt I would have to do a lot of research so I passed.  Then I came across something else on the same person and decidedContinue reading “On Genealogy: The Loyalist, The Spy and The American Revolution”

On Genealogy: My 2x Grand-Parents – Louis Allard & Eva Beaulieu

This line continues down my maternal grand-mother side.  This is the story of my great great gramma and grampa on my grandma’s dad’s side. This is the story of Louis Napoléon Allard and Eva Beaulieu. Louis’ Birth Louis Napoléon Allard was born on/about November 24, 1874, in Curran, Ontario to Marie Louise Gariepy, age 20, andContinue reading “On Genealogy: My 2x Grand-Parents – Louis Allard & Eva Beaulieu”

On Genealogy: My Maternal Great Grand-Parents: Palma Duchesne & Laurette Allard

I’ve been trying to determine where next to follow my ancestry line to and which line to write about.   Instead of writing about some distant relative, I thought I’d start writing with those a bit closer to me and write backward.   I am going to start with my great grand parents on myContinue reading “On Genealogy: My Maternal Great Grand-Parents: Palma Duchesne & Laurette Allard”

Recipe: Unguilty Pleasure – Yummy Protein Cake in a Cup

My first blog of 2018 …. and it’s a recipe.  I’m in crunch mode – I’m taking the kids and I to Cuba in no less than 5 weeks ….. The other day, I had the sweetest tooth after dinner and immediately after eating a yummy healthy dinner, I dug right into a Caramel Sea SaltContinue reading “Recipe: Unguilty Pleasure – Yummy Protein Cake in a Cup”

On Set: Murdoch Mysteries Was Shooting in my Hometown …

It’s UFC night here at the house, it’s also New Years Eve Eve – the boys are watching UFC and I’m blogging my second to last entry of the year.  I’m into UFC but am truly waiting for the Cyborg vs Holly Holm fight. Not that this has anything at all in common with UFCContinue reading “On Set: Murdoch Mysteries Was Shooting in my Hometown …”

Recipe: Christmas Winner – Ambrosia Salad

It’s 5 minutes to midnight I just sat down for the 1st time since 1:00 PM. The last thing on my to do list was make the Christmas fave … Ambrosia Salad.  I make this EVERY year for my mom, she loves it.  Of course the kids love it too – I mean who doesn’tContinue reading “Recipe: Christmas Winner – Ambrosia Salad”

On Genealogy: Filles du roi – Descendant of Jeanne-Claude Boisandré

Most Canadians are familiar with the King’s Daugther’s/Filles du roi.  The Filles du roi, were some 770 women who arrived in the colony of New France (Canada) between 1663 and 1673, under the financial sponsorship of King Louis XIV of France. Most were single French women, many were orphans. Their transportation to Canada and settlementContinue reading “On Genealogy: Filles du roi – Descendant of Jeanne-Claude Boisandré”

On Genealogy: John Ritter is my 9th Cousin, 2x removed!

Rev. Obadiah Holmes definitely has some Famous kin.  I’ve covered President Lincoln & Amelia Earhart and now I’m covering my connection to comedic legend,  John Ritter, best known as Jack Tripper. Another descendant of Rev. Holmes, is Willis Carrier,  the inventor of air conditioning (I really love this guy on hot, sticky, humid days!) –Continue reading “On Genealogy: John Ritter is my 9th Cousin, 2x removed!”

On Genealogy: Say What? I’m Connected To Amelia Earhart!

My lineage just gets better and better!  To date I have discovered a relation to a King of France, a US President, one of the Filles du Roi, an explorer,  a colleague of Samuel de Champlain, a great Uncle who died in WWI in Flanders … these are just some of my finds … andContinue reading “On Genealogy: Say What? I’m Connected To Amelia Earhart!”

On Genealogy: My Connection to President Lincoln

This is one of my MOST EXCITING ancestral finds to date!  The connection, albeit extremely distant with the most impressive US Presidents of all time …  Honest Abe is my 6th cousin 5x removed. I said it was distant … hehe! I posted yesterday on my connection to Obadiah Holmes, the important member of theContinue reading “On Genealogy: My Connection to President Lincoln”