Passionate About Helping You Live Life Powerfully!

Hi lovelies,  Happy Labour Day Long Weekend! I have the best news to share with you ... I've finally launched my Life Coaching business. A life coach’s invaluable services have the potential to harmonize and balance people’s lives. As we grow as individuals, we may experience a range of negative emotions, such as guilt, resentment,… Continue reading Passionate About Helping You Live Life Powerfully!


True Crime: Are You As Obsessed as I Am?

I have tons of obsessions -- an obsession with lip chap, an obsession with recycling, an obsession with traveling, with being right (kidding) and an obsession with True Crime. What is it about serial killers that fascinate huge swaths of the population? What really happened to JonBenét Ramsay? Where is Madeline McCann?  Did Michael Peterson… Continue reading True Crime: Are You As Obsessed as I Am?


My Team is Growing, Come Join!

How often are you offered the opportunity to make money, make a difference, and have fun all on your terms? A few years ago, I became an Independent Consultant with an organization that I fell in love with.  I was hard yes to everything they stood for - their stance on the environment, the safety… Continue reading My Team is Growing, Come Join!

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My Travel Bucket List – How Many Have You Been To?

Hi everyone, happy long weekend (in most provinces/territories in Canada).  I'm so excited and the reason I'm so excited is that I have NO plans.  Yes, I'm excited that I have no plans - I get to have a weekend solo to do nothing or everything and I love it.  Most of my days and… Continue reading My Travel Bucket List – How Many Have You Been To?


Umm, What’s a Permaculture Community?

One of the best things about creating something from nothing is exactly THAT!  Creating something that is POSSIBLE in a space where there is NOTHING (in the way but to create). Last night, my awesome friend, and group member Timothy Holmes and I got to chatting about one of the homework assignments in a course… Continue reading Umm, What’s a Permaculture Community?


ECOtionally: Environmental Mini Posts (ed: 2)

Hello all, happy Sunday!  Time for some more environment mini posts - brought to you by us @ECOtionally .... Are you up to date with the following? Starbucks Sucks (at plastic free) Did some ECOtionally work today on our next project (stay tuned for more deets!) and decided to work from Starbucks today ☕️. Safe… Continue reading ECOtionally: Environmental Mini Posts (ed: 2)