On Genealogy: Say What? I’m Connected To Amelia Earhart!

My lineage just gets better and better!  To date I have discovered a relation to a King of France, a US President, one of the Filles du Roi, an explorer,  a colleague of Samuel de Champlain, a great Uncle who died in WWI in Flanders … these are just some of my finds … andContinue reading “On Genealogy: Say What? I’m Connected To Amelia Earhart!”

On Genealogy: My Connection to President Lincoln

This is one of my MOST EXCITING ancestral finds to date!  The connection, albeit extremely distant with the most impressive US Presidents of all time …  Honest Abe is my 6th cousin 5x removed. I said it was distant … hehe! I posted yesterday on my connection to Obadiah Holmes, the important member of theContinue reading “On Genealogy: My Connection to President Lincoln”

On Genealogy: Whipped for Baptist Beliefs – My Connection to Rev. Obadiah Holmes

Ok, it’s safe to say we all know that I’m a genealogy NUT, I won’t even try to deny it.  I love learning and I love history, especially when it comes to MY OWN.  They say to know where you’re going, you’ve got to know where you’ve been.  I believe in knowing the trials, tribulationsContinue reading “On Genealogy: Whipped for Baptist Beliefs – My Connection to Rev. Obadiah Holmes”

On Genealogy: My Salem Witch Trial Connection

Late last night, I couldn’t sleep, I decided to do a bit of digging on some hew “hints” on my Ancestry.ca site and take closer look into my DNA profile. A while back I posted a blog called “On Genealogy: My Quaker Connection; Descendant of John Milk, British Colonial America, 1662” which traced my rootsContinue reading “On Genealogy: My Salem Witch Trial Connection”

Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do 💪🏻

I actually wrote this last year ago but didn’t post it because I wanted to respect my brother’s privacy.  I’m really trying to show how strong he is.  This is a tribute to his grit and will power. We’ve all had a time in our lives that are beyond difficult to cope. When you wonderContinue reading “Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do 💪🏻”

no dress rehearsal this is our life: the passing of canadian legend – Gord Downie 😭

‘We Are Less As A Country Without Gord Downie In It’ – Prime Minister Trudeau I had to wait a few days to write this, I just watched the documentary Long Time Running two days ago … so I needed to collect my thoughts and emotions before I got to it. I want the WORLDContinue reading “no dress rehearsal this is our life: the passing of canadian legend – Gord Downie 😭”

On Travel: Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love

🎶 “In West Philadelphia not born nor raised, in Kdub is where I spent most of my days 🎶” which is why I decided to take my next  trip to Philly.  I love to travel, I love history – all kinds of history and Philadelphia is steeped deep in American history. The primary reason for our trip toContinue reading “On Travel: Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love”

Your Perception is Your Reality

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog called Wisdom Warrior: My Journey Toward Authenticy wherein I talked about perception, about reframing your mindset. “Perspective is a powerful thing isn’t it? When you can reframe an experience, you can often change what happens as a result”.   Have you ever wondered about how you perceive yourselfContinue reading “Your Perception is Your Reality”

Opting on Adopting: Our Rescue Dog Ellie

Did you know that each year at least 600,000 dogs are euthanized in Canada,  simply because too many pets come into shelters and too few people consider adoption when looking for a pet? I decided to write this blog as I sat here watching a bit of TV and looked over at Ellie, my 3Continue reading “Opting on Adopting: Our Rescue Dog Ellie”

On Travel: My Tokyo Experience

こんにちは – Kon’nichiwa Life can be so complicated at times can’t it?  My life in particular has been nutty as of late …  and at the spur of the moment, I made a decision – we all have choices and decisions to make each day of our lives in the betterment of ourselves, our lives, ourContinue reading “On Travel: My Tokyo Experience”

Wisdom Warrior: My Journey Toward Authenticity

I consider myself more of a spiritual person than a religious one. I meditate, chant and listen to Hindi mantras/vedas, started to re-practice Yoga, believe in Om Namah Shivaya (ॐ नमः शिवाय) which literally translates to “I honour the divinity that dwells within me, I bow to Shiva, my true identity” – I believe inContinue reading “Wisdom Warrior: My Journey Toward Authenticity”

Kingston Penitentiary: Canada’s Alcatraz – MY TOUR

Tours through Kingston Penitentiary offer a unique opportunity to go behind the walls of Canada’s oldest and most notorious maximum security prison. Its doors closed in 2013. And now offers guided tours which provide an up-close look at this historical building which predates Canadian confederation. The first time we went to Kingston in 2013, theContinue reading “Kingston Penitentiary: Canada’s Alcatraz – MY TOUR”

Monster Hunt: My Search for the Manipogo Monster

Pseudoscience: The study of and search for animals and especially legendary animals usually in order to evaluate the possibility of their existence. I’ve always been intrigued with folkloric creatures like Loch Ness, Sasquatch, Chupacabra, Abominable Snowman, Kraken, Sea Serpents, The Mothman, Thunderbirds and Jersey Devil, just to name a few. Today I am an acting cryptozoologist!Continue reading “Monster Hunt: My Search for the Manipogo Monster”

Recipe: ‘Shake’ Off That Summer Heat: EASY Homemade Vanilla Coffee Protein Shake

This iced coffee recipe is super easy to make and is loaded up with protein, so you’re getting your caffeine boost and protein all in one. My version uses vanilla-flavored protein powder and has a fairly strong coffee flavour. Gather Your Ingredients (makes 1 serving) 1 cup of ice 1 cup chilled strong-brewed coffee (usingContinue reading “Recipe: ‘Shake’ Off That Summer Heat: EASY Homemade Vanilla Coffee Protein Shake”

Messages from Beyond: How My Dad Connects With Me

Do you believe in the after life? Do you believe that your loved ones have a way of communicating with you after they’ve crossed? Has One of These Ever Happened to You? Have you ever come across a random dime in the oddest of places? Has a song ever come on the radio at the exactContinue reading “Messages from Beyond: How My Dad Connects With Me”

On Genealogy: My Genetic Ancestry DNA Results Are In!

I know I already posted a blog today.  But, as I was walking out the door, I got an email from Ancestry that my DNA results were in and I had to check them stat! If you’ve been a regular visitor to my blog, you’ll likely know that I’ve been working hard on my familyContinue reading “On Genealogy: My Genetic Ancestry DNA Results Are In!”

On Genealogy: My Quaker Connection; Descendant of John Milk, British Colonial America, 1662

On Genealogy: My Quaker Connection; Descendant of John Milk, British Colonial America, 1662. Today’s blog on genealogy #5 is on the lineage of the Milk family.  This surname has long been associated with the county of Norfolk, England, where it appears about twenty-two times in proportion to each 10,000 of the population of that county. Continue reading “On Genealogy: My Quaker Connection; Descendant of John Milk, British Colonial America, 1662”

‘Napalm Girl’: The Day I Met Kim Phúc

The photograph is one of the most well known photographs of this era.  That of a little girl fleeing the horror –  she is running naked on a road after being severely burned by the South Vietnamese napalm attack.On June 8, 1972, Kim’s village of Trang Bang came under attack by South Vietnamese planes, which mistakenly dropped napalm onContinue reading “‘Napalm Girl’: The Day I Met Kim Phúc”

I Was In An Earthquake: Dominican Republic 2003

In September of 2003, we decided to take a family vacation to the Dominican Republic.  It was our 1st destination family trip ever.   I was excited for a week of relaxing, switching off from work, and enjoying the sand and sun.  The kids were extra excited as they had never been anywhere except for QuebecContinue reading “I Was In An Earthquake: Dominican Republic 2003”

Up Close and Personal with The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull

  Looking back at events in your life now you can gain a whole new appreciation and sense of awe of things that you didn’t truly understand back in the day. We had a split class when I was in the 7th grade, our class was made up of grades 7/8.  I went to aContinue reading “Up Close and Personal with The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull”

On Genealogy: Story of WWII Pte. Benjamin Richards

Hello and welcome to blog #3 on genealogy!   This story features my Grampa – Benjamin George Richards. I was able to obtain a copy of Grampa’s war records from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (Canadian Armed Forces) a few years ago, when I wrote out for them.  WWII records are still not available online. MilitaryContinue reading “On Genealogy: Story of WWII Pte. Benjamin Richards”

On Genealogy: Story of WWI Pte. George V. Lee – KIA

Welcome to story #2 of my family tree. Today, I’m going to share with you the story of my paternal grandmother’s father’s brother  – my Great Grand Uncle, George Victor Lee who was killed in action (KIA) in The Great War. For this story you’re going to have to stretch your memory all the way back to History class,Continue reading “On Genealogy: Story of WWI Pte. George V. Lee – KIA”

On Genealogy: My Relation to the First Colonists to New France. The First Documented Marriage Between a French Settler & Indigenous Woman and My relation to Louis Joliet, the French Explorer

I can be quite obsessive at times.  My latest past time is genealogy – I’ve been working on my family tree for years – but now I obsessively work on it, almost daily.  My interest is both historical and philosophical:  Where do I come from?  How am I here?  — literally and figuratively. I think people have aContinue reading “On Genealogy: My Relation to the First Colonists to New France. The First Documented Marriage Between a French Settler & Indigenous Woman and My relation to Louis Joliet, the French Explorer”

rent cautiously, rent wisely.

Tenant problems plague landlords every day.  Last month I learned my first real lesson as a landlord. I’ve been a landlord now for 14 months, I must admit I’ve had pretty decent tenants, but, these last tenants though have had me scratching my head and have me wondering what I got myself into 🤷🏻‍♀️. AsContinue reading “rent cautiously, rent wisely.”

Welcome to My Life

It’s been awhile since my last blog.  I’ve started and stopped so many different blogs but for some reason or another never brought myself to finish them. Today, I invite you on a little journey … Like so many of us, I started strong this past January with the New Years resolutions and the “2017, getContinue reading “Welcome to My Life”

Recipe: Healthy Cinnamon Tortilla Chips

I’ve really been embracing this journey.  I’m on a quest for 2017 to drop this extra 15-20 lbs that I’ve put on over the past 15 months. Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean not having good food, enjoy the food and enjoy the journey. Today, I decided to make some healthy treats for my fiancéContinue reading “Recipe: Healthy Cinnamon Tortilla Chips”

Be More With Less

Have you ever wondered about having more with less? I have for a long while now.  I wondered what it would be like to minimize stress, possessions, work, household responsibilities, financial obligations and in-turn having more time, energy, sleep, happiness. I’ve slowly been making some small and some big small changes to live my life onContinue reading “Be More With Less”

🎶It’s Not Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas🎶

It’s a week before Christmas, I’m not overly excited.  It doesn’t feel much like Christmas this year.  For the first time in 23 years, I won’t be with my chids  … chids is a Tinaism – my brain has this tendency of mixing like words and creating it’s own new word.  Chids is a mixtureContinue reading “🎶It’s Not Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas🎶”

Keep Calm While The Renovations Continue …

I love home decor. I’ve owned 6 homes and with each one I’ve always wanted to make them “mine”.  Fortunately … or unfortunately I’ve never been one to be ok with the status quo.  I enjoy expressing myself through decor. We moved into our current home last November.  A 3200 sq ft century home withContinue reading “Keep Calm While The Renovations Continue …”

Recipe: Banana Oat Bran Protein Muffins [0 sugar, 0 flour]

 I LOVE bananas, they’re probably one of my favourite fruits taste wise (banana bread, banana pecan muffins, banana pancakes, banana strawberry smoothies, oh and of course banana mamas!).   While on this weight loss journey, I didn’t want to have to give up all of my favourite things and I wanted to make sure IContinue reading “Recipe: Banana Oat Bran Protein Muffins [0 sugar, 0 flour]”

Misophonia: Why Does Hearing You Chew Make My Skin Crawl?

It’s a basic necessity of life, we all need to do it, but, why does hearing you chew make me wanna jump out my skin?   Each bite you take, each time you chew your food, or swallow bothers me.  I’m crazy, right? It CANNOT be quiet when we eat.  If we eat in frontContinue reading “Misophonia: Why Does Hearing You Chew Make My Skin Crawl?”

I’ll Take -20 Pounds For $200 Alex!

I’ve been feeling all kindsa crappy , the past few months,  since I put on some extra weight.  I definitely have become “Dauphinzed” (but in all fairness, had I lived somewhere else, the outcome would have been the same).  I’m not gonna lie,  I loved it – it was fun to let loose, eat whatContinue reading “I’ll Take -20 Pounds For $200 Alex!”

Why Do I Take Pics?

I am frequently asked why I take so many pictures … of everything!  I always respond “cause I like to”. But when push comes to shove, I don’t only take pics cause I like to, I do it because they capture life moments of the things and people that I love. These are the main reasons IContinue reading “Why Do I Take Pics?”

At Transformation

A few years ago, I went through a period of transformation.  A time where I was forced to do some intense soul searching and dig deep. I had always been Tina daughter, Tina sister, Tina wife, Tina mom, Tina worker.  I had spent years defined by those roles, as many of us do, that IContinue reading “At Transformation”

Let’s All Get Cozy With Our Local Shop Owners

One of the best things about living in a small town, is the charm and quaintness of unique local shops. I have a few staple favourites, but my fave is most definitely Style Mercantile. This cozy ma and pa joint is owned and operated by Karen and her husband Derrick, who opened Style Mercantile in NovemberContinue reading “Let’s All Get Cozy With Our Local Shop Owners”

Farewell Bright Lights, Big City!

One of the biggest decisions I made in the betterment of myself shaking up the status quo.  Having grown up in a decent sized city in South Western Ontario all of my life, I decided to move to The Big Smoke (a.k.a. Toronto, TO, Tdot, The Six – ok well you get the point!), populationContinue reading “Farewell Bright Lights, Big City!”