Recipe: Healthy Cinnamon Tortilla Chips

I’ve really been embracing this journey.  I’m on a quest for 2017 to drop this extra 15-20 lbs that I’ve put on over the past 15 months. Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean not having good food, enjoy the food and enjoy the journey. Today, I decided to make some healthy treats for my fiancéContinue reading “Recipe: Healthy Cinnamon Tortilla Chips”

Be More With Less

Have you ever wondered about having more with less? I have for a long while now.  I wondered what it would be like to minimize stress, possessions, work, household responsibilities, financial obligations and in-turn having more time, energy, sleep, happiness. I’ve slowly been making some small and some big small changes to live my life onContinue reading “Be More With Less”

🎶It’s Not Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas🎶

It’s a week before Christmas, I’m not overly excited.  It doesn’t feel much like Christmas this year.  For the first time in 23 years, I won’t be with my chids  … chids is a Tinaism – my brain has this tendency of mixing like words and creating it’s own new word.  Chids is a mixtureContinue reading “🎶It’s Not Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas🎶”

Keep Calm While The Renovations Continue …

I love home decor. I’ve owned 6 homes and with each one I’ve always wanted to make them “mine”.  Fortunately … or unfortunately I’ve never been one to be ok with the status quo.  I enjoy expressing myself through decor. We moved into our current home last November.  A 3200 sq ft century home withContinue reading “Keep Calm While The Renovations Continue …”

Recipe: Banana Oat Bran Protein Muffins [0 sugar, 0 flour]

 I LOVE bananas, they’re probably one of my favourite fruits taste wise (banana bread, banana pecan muffins, banana pancakes, banana strawberry smoothies, oh and of course banana mamas!).   While on this weight loss journey, I didn’t want to have to give up all of my favourite things and I wanted to make sure IContinue reading “Recipe: Banana Oat Bran Protein Muffins [0 sugar, 0 flour]”

Misophonia: Why Does Hearing You Chew Make My Skin Crawl?

It’s a basic necessity of life, we all need to do it, but, why does hearing you chew make me wanna jump out my skin?   Each bite you take, each time you chew your food, or swallow bothers me.  I’m crazy, right? It CANNOT be quiet when we eat.  If we eat in frontContinue reading “Misophonia: Why Does Hearing You Chew Make My Skin Crawl?”

I’ll Take -20 Pounds For $200 Alex!

I’ve been feeling all kindsa crappy , the past few months,  since I put on some extra weight.  I definitely have become “Dauphinzed” (but in all fairness, had I lived somewhere else, the outcome would have been the same).  I’m not gonna lie,  I loved it – it was fun to let loose, eat whatContinue reading “I’ll Take -20 Pounds For $200 Alex!”

Why Do I Take Pics?

I am frequently asked why I take so many pictures … of everything!  I always respond “cause I like to”. But when push comes to shove, I don’t only take pics cause I like to, I do it because they capture life moments of the things and people that I love. These are the main reasons IContinue reading “Why Do I Take Pics?”

At Transformation

A few years ago, I went through a period of transformation.  A time where I was forced to do some intense soul searching and dig deep. I had always been Tina daughter, Tina sister, Tina wife, Tina mom, Tina worker.  I had spent years defined by those roles, as many of us do, that IContinue reading “At Transformation”

Let’s All Get Cozy With Our Local Shop Owners

One of the best things about living in a small town, is the charm and quaintness of unique local shops. I have a few staple favourites, but my fave is most definitely Style Mercantile. This cozy ma and pa joint is owned and operated by Karen and her husband Derrick, who opened Style Mercantile in NovemberContinue reading “Let’s All Get Cozy With Our Local Shop Owners”

Farewell Bright Lights, Big City!

One of the biggest decisions I made in the betterment of myself shaking up the status quo.  Having grown up in a decent sized city in South Western Ontario all of my life, I decided to move to The Big Smoke (a.k.a. Toronto, TO, Tdot, The Six – ok well you get the point!), populationContinue reading “Farewell Bright Lights, Big City!”