Urbex: The Truest Story About the Abandoned & Eccentric Pastor Lee House

This past weekend we explored the well-known urbex site – the Pastor Lee House in Haldimand County, Ontario. It’s been abandoned forever, has unfortunately been “trashed” and is still a time capsule of bizarre oddities. The video accompaniment to this blog can be viewed here. Trust me it’s worth the watch! We spent a coupleContinue reading “Urbex: The Truest Story About the Abandoned & Eccentric Pastor Lee House”

Urbex: Northern Ontario Abandoned Hotel Explore!

The Lookout Inn is situated just south of North Bay, in Callander, Ontario. It used to be a hotel with a dining area and patio overlooking Lake Nipissing. The two buildings became a popular destination for vandals over the next decade. The well known and unique resort in Callander officially re-opened its doors to the public in 2017. TheyContinue reading “Urbex: Northern Ontario Abandoned Hotel Explore!”

Urbex: Abandoned Farm House, North Wellington

It’s been 3 months since I last posted. It feels good to be back to be posting again, thank you for being patient with me, as I worked through the new world as we know it. If you’re a follower you know that one of my favourite pastimes is exploring abandoned buildings/relics. While in BritishContinue reading “Urbex: Abandoned Farm House, North Wellington”