On Genealogy: Updated DNA Ethnicity Estimate

As you know, I’m a genealogy nut, or more like nerd. I love working on my family tree, although in the past 6-8 months I’ve barely looked at it more or less worked on it. I can’t even remember the last genealogy blog I posted (hang on let me check — other than a quickContinue reading “On Genealogy: Updated DNA Ethnicity Estimate”

On Genealogy: My Genetic Ancestry DNA Results Are In!

I know I already posted a blog today.  But, as I was walking out the door, I got an email from Ancestry that my DNA results were in and I had to check them stat! If you’ve been a regular visitor to my blog, you’ll likely know that I’ve been working hard on my familyContinue reading “On Genealogy: My Genetic Ancestry DNA Results Are In!”