On Genealogy: Filles du roi – Descendant of Jeanne-Claude Boisandré

Most Canadians are familiar with the King’s Daugther’s/Filles du roi.  The Filles du roi, were some 770 women who arrived in the colony of New France (Canada) between 1663 and 1673, under the financial sponsorship of King Louis XIV of France. Most were single French women, many were orphans. Their transportation to Canada and settlementContinue reading “On Genealogy: Filles du roi – Descendant of Jeanne-Claude Boisandré”

On Genealogy: Story of Pte. George V. Lee

Welcome to story #2 of my family tree. Today, I’m going to share with you the story of my paternal grandmother’s father’s brother  – my Great Grand Uncle, George Victor Lee who was killed in action (KIA) in The Great War. For this story you’re going to have to stretch your memory all the way back to History class,Continue reading “On Genealogy: Story of Pte. George V. Lee”

On Genealogy: My 1st Blog on Ancestry!

On Genealogy: My Relation to the First Colonists to New France. The First Documented Marriage Between a French Settler & Native American Woman and My relation to Louis Joliet, the French Explorer I can be quite obsessive at times.  My latest past time is genealogy – I’ve been working on my family tree for yearsContinue reading “On Genealogy: My 1st Blog on Ancestry!”