15 000 Views! 15 000 Thank Yous!

Thank you all for reading my blog ‼️ A few days ago I hit 15,000 views ‼️ I really wanted to redefine my readership this year. I’ve been blogging since 2016 but only sporadically. This year I wanted to increase my followers and my viewership. And thanks to my increased presence and ALL OF YOU,… Continue reading 15 000 Views! 15 000 Thank Yous!


10,000 Views! Thank You!

O.M.G.  I've surpassed 10k views - 10,055 to be exact! THANK YOU!  This is something I never thought would have been possible!  Ever! I love that the views are growing. I mean, who wanted to hear the rants and the stories of a woman from Kitchener Ontario Canada?  Apparently you did! This blog has been… Continue reading 10,000 Views! Thank You!